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  1. Ender noob come back bb :'c

    1. charania007


      Unless you're back playing a different server lol.

    2. ENDER_PRO99


      I'll try to when I have the time :) 

  2. Meet char

    It's great to be welcomed into the community! :') And if you wanna be recruited into the gang lemme know, but be aware, only select noobs get in. Mitchka's one of them... I hope you have my sunscreen Mitchka
  3. Meet char

    Hello folks, my name is charania007 and I tern 7 nekst week. Some other kid named charania007 quit prison a few months ago, I don't know who that was, but I am back (don't know about him). There are some other people who are trying to impersonate me... don't believe them. If anyone else calls themselves char and their username isn't charania007, it's not me; do not be fooled! I am the original. The organic. The authentic. The first. The initial. That was your warning. With that out of the way, welcome to ME. Hold on folks, it's a crazy ride from here. And oh yeah, I'm not 6, I'm almost 19...
  4. RIP Yeetman :(

    Oh RyDan! GG buddy!
  5. RIP Yeetman :(

    This saddens me. Although we had our differences, who doesn't? He was, nevertheless, a great member in helping the community and will no doubt be missed. Despite anything that happened, I admired his honesty and dedication as a person. Sad to see you go
  6. Gavote0308 - Your friendly neighbourhood Noob

    GG on being staff for one month! It is, indeed, a prodigious position.
  7. Hi, Im Seth!

    Is Chaos not a Prison?
  8. Hello World!

    Hush, children.
  9. Hello World!

  10. Hello World!

    Wow. Bro, you know I'm kidding Everybody knows I don't have the IT skill-set to be in _labs. At least, not as of yet.
  11. I'm Jamez

  12. Hello World!

    And I'd like Helper back, apparently nobody else cares Yeah yeah, you don't deal with that stuff
  13. I'm Mitchka

    Wow, didn't know you've been staff since 2105. You're so much of a noob that they made you staff for a negative amount of years, not just zero.
  14. First Topic Here :)