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  1. Someone pls explain to me how the players know more about the problem then staff.... Oh wait because this is aliacraft, anyways I've stopped playing the server after 3-4 years of playing because the staff are useless but oh well, R.I.P another player -UNIQUExTAMEZz
  2. About 2 weeks ago now my base on factions was glitched into and well obviously all my stuff was taken, i had a global head admin coi the chests for me and i found out that one of the players that glitched into my base was DoomBot a helper on factions. i have since then had no reply from any other staff member such as mikey whos some how the head admin. i joined mikeys lobby on ts this morning and asked to speak with him as he ignores my pokes on ts so i said to him can we talk like now and his reply was ok so ive waited for him to move us or whatever but nope he just stops speaking and continues playing skywars on hypixel. To be blunt honestly mikey your useless. Any about the problem with my base as admin had this same problem about 3 weeks ago and they had there stuff back within one day so why the f**k is it any different? I want to speak to a gop about it and i want something done two weeks is a joke. And one last thing dont tell me about that time zone crap because i am on when they are i make sure of it. @Mikeyqwerty heres your tag mikey even though you wont look at it @Ben @Ollieed @WildCookieCat @FPS_Skilled -UNIQUE
  3. Factions is one of the most played server and yet we have the worse staff who do nothing. there is hackers everywhere and when u spam helpop saying hacker either no one cares or they do nothing about it the staff on factions literally know thing about hacks so what use are they when they actually see someone hacking? also we literally have 0 i mean 0 AU staff on factions its literally past a joke now factions has so many problems and ollied and mikey just seem to not care about them ive already said boss doesnt work and there reply was "yes it does" well my reply to that is i actually play the server and go on regularly so no it does not work if yous did the same yous would know. -UNIQUE
  4. One the Koth on factions is way to spread apart to wait like 5 hours between them come on at least like 2 and a half hours Two the boss doesn't even spawn so that's always good fun. Three when ever the server restarts on its timed restart it doesn't come back online unless a gop fixes it. Four there is never any staff on factions which is annoying because there's always a problem on factions and there's no staff to tell.
  5. My ign is UNIQUExTAMEZz, i was in my base on facs just chilling in my afk pool grinding spawners when i seen a sword come onto my screen which i thought nothing of as i thought it was just a fac member then i seen in chat "SunnyGreen9" has tried to hurt you ( as seen in the picture below ) so i turned around there he was SunnyGreen the admin was hitting me in my own base ( he even created a faction to enemy me as seen below ) so obviously i hit him back and once i did he ran away, i also believe he was using a client as he had killaura ( no i didnt record because i didnt plan on getting attacked in my base ) if you check his commands you will see that he has tped to me and used /v at that time, so im just curious on what has happened and what are the consequences he will be facing ? ty - UNIQUE
  6. Yes bring custom enchants to classic
  7. That's how being staff on Alia works, if you don't agree with there ideas you get demoted. GG Rydan for sticking up for yourself <3