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  1. Ok thanks
  2. What server?
  3. Crisi obviously is a kitpvp mod and apparently one has changes their name. Im wondering WHO changed their name.
  4. Pleaee unless you are staff do not comment on ban appeals this will cut down on the forums being spammed with unnecessary updates and will keep the posts relevant to the topic.
  5. Who is shermmm?????
  6. Closed so only relevant staff may respond once staff are tagged there is no need in tagging them again. Please be patient as we have lives outside if the server and cannot always be available. We will notify staff on ts if this hasnt been resolved in a fair amount of time.
  7. This link isisnt on the ban appeal?
  8. you get ts on your own but. Still have to wait for that staff member to be on there
  9. Make a proper appeal follow this link
  10. The language is abbreviated and filtered there are no warnings for it unless he is spamming.
  11. I tagged them. When they sign into the forums they will get notified.
  12. i dont see a donation for that package @Ben or @Ollieed will have to help you any further.
  13. i will look for you what IGN?
  14. We are working in fixing this issue. @Ben may have to resolve it though.
  15. @Ben @whitey212