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  1. Make a proper appeal please.
  2. Sometimes its just a visual glitch. You will have more than what you think you should from not seeing them from previous votes. If you are getting them on other servers you should still be getting them on skyblock.
  3. You're sparkily now xD

    1. LadyRosyG


      Everything is better sparkly haha

  4. This is correct. We cannot go on just your word that there are no hack clients we would have to do a screenshare where you give a staff member permission to look into the files of your computer to see if there are any hacked clients to prove otherwise. However there is video proof of him hacking. It will be uploaded and posted by whoever originally banned him. I banned the alt accounts for ban evading as they kept coming on ther server under different accounts and Ip's to evade the ban. Our policy stated 1st hacking ban is 30d, 2nd offense is a 30d ban. There are at least 3 other accounts that are banned under your IP as alts of the original banned IGN. We have already exceeded the amount of chances a player gets for hacking bans and we will not be unbanning them. The screen shot on the appeal that was made is his history that show how many times they have been punished by a staff member for breaking rules (hacking, chat rules).
  5. Ruairi resigned
  6. Coming on alts (other accounts ir IGNs) will also result in a ban because it is considered ban evading.
  7. @HeyBabe
  8. One has not been chosen yet. It will be posted when it is determined.
  9. Thank you for reporting we will look into if.
  10. I'm sorry we cannot replace that item. Please pay closer attention in the future.
  11. what server?
  12. You should but if not i can give them to you as well
  13. Please do not run away. We can consider you not having 1 or 2 of these since your application was very impressive. Please contact us at Xx___123omgitsPochemanPikachoo321___xX@Redezeiscrazy.netcom. We await your response.
  14. try this