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  1. he may have said that but then he asked higher staff to claiiry and we said yes he can as its abbreviated racism
  2. Its an abbreviation of the word. How do you not see that?
  3. We are sorting out the issue. Buycraft isint loading the perks to the right IGN if you changed it. We can look up the donation and @whitey212 @Ben can reload it to you. Please be patient there are many players with the same issue. Ranks and perks won through crate will be dealt with soon.
  4. @TylerDaTurtle i have looked at the buycraft and there are no donations under your current IGN but on your old. i do see on namemc you in fact did change your IGN. It should not have affected your perks though. @whitey212 can clarify and sort out the issue. Thank you for your patience in the matter.
  5. ill see what Ben has to say
  6. There is nothing i can do. You need @Ben @Ollieed @DJCoolguy3289 or @ItsKenneth to restore any lost items. Kit had been crashing a lot lately and they are trying to find out what is causing it. Seems like when they get one thing fixed something else causes it to crash.
  7. Pvp aint THAT important to read. Just aim and click. Pvp lesson 1 done! Lesson 2 eat a gapple drink pots done. Lesson 3 if/when you die say GG cause its a game. Your future does not depend on you winning a mc pvp battle.
  8. @ItsKenneth @Ben @DJCoolguy3289
  9. You can always take a screenshot and post on the forums of the issues OR go to another server to look for an Admin or higher to deal with the player.
  10. I would suggest you do your deal on skyblock first so you dont get scammed then go to the other servers where you arent losing items you wont use otherwise.
  11. Is may be fixed. Please notify us if there are any more issues.
  12. Nothing we can do its a networking issue and not a server one.
  13. If you noticed i put it on my profile
  14. Wow. Thats amazing thank you so much!
  15. Thank you for your concern and we are all aware of the status of the server. We are reminded on a daily basis of how much old prison is missed. And I agree there was a certain feeling about old prison that the current one just does not have. Part of that comes from Alia not playing on the server anymore. Im sure he has been contacted to play again and with his busy schedule Im not sure if hes responded (staff dont get to be a part of those conversations XD). Anyway if there were a way to bring it back we most definately would.