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  1. done
  2. @JakoTheSheep @Ben @Ollieed
  3. i can change that for you but you should have an option in your settings to change it.
  4. We are aware of this as are working on a solution. Both prisons are custom and we cannot simpliy drop a plugin on them. They have to be compatible with Laake's customizations
  5. what name shows up when you join?
  6. @RoyalGS
  7. Closing this thread to stop the arguing. This will be resolved by @Mikeyqwerty.
  8. You will need to let @Mikeyqwerty know in game and he can fix your rank.
  9. chelsea21 if you are making an appeal please make a new post not a reply to an appeal
  10. you used a hack client which is not allowed. no matter the "good" reason you were using it, you were caught.
  11. Yor appeal has already been denied stop making them
  12. Mikey will respond when he get on forums. If you have teamspeak you may appeal there for a quicker response.
  13. you will not be unbanned there are 3 other accounts on your IP being banned for hacking. Appeal Denied Thread Closed
  14. You were asked on your first attempt of an appeal to make a proper appeal, which youbhave still failed to do. Please follow our format.