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  1. This has been address in several other posts and ill say it again. A full reset isint as easy as a wave of the wand and poof new server. Who knows where or even if the old map still exists since it was quite some time ago and files have been handed to more people than the common cold. We fully understand that players are not coming on because of lack of something to do but the features that were added in the current prison were designed to motivate players to keep playing to earn swag coins for their plots. Sadly with laake leaving other features we had planned to add made it impossible to do and now we are at a stalemate on updates. Furthermore skyblock just reset and the globals have other projects the are involved in. Right now we just need to be patient and stick it through the rough times. Im sure we will eventually get an overhaul, but we cannot put a deadline on a project like this. We appreciate your concern as staff and players and appreciate your dedication.
  2. Kionn should you really need a warning to not be disrespectful though? You have played on the server for quite some time and know the rules. Obviously lower ranks and new players will get a warning. SInce you know this then you should also know not to disrespect.
  3. But not against the rules, you are allowed to pvp anyone you wish on a pvp server. He wants the kit and he thinks by saying that, you will give it to him. Chances are even if you do give it to him he will still target you. So, unless you are a better pvper than him and want to keep the kit, i suggest you not use it anytime soon otherwise you take a chance on losing it.
  4. player was banned from the server thanks for reporting
  5. look in your settings
  6. you wait for a global to be on to give it back to you
  7. ...

    No worries its unlocked. There was some confusion about the purpose is all. The thread is unlocked but any other posts will be deleted. No need in spamming the forums with the same post.
  8. yw Issue resolved
  9. @whitey212
  10. Well if a player looks like they are hacking or trying to make it look like they are hacking and get banned how is that out fault? That's why there are appeals and just because a player appeals won't mean they get unbanned. Other staff view the proof and if it's determined they are hacking, then the ban is denied.
  11. The map was custom built and i doubt it will be sold. With as many server changes and global staff that we have had, i doubt there is even a copy of it still around. We all know how much the old map was loved but unfortunately its not possible to bring it back now.
  12. The region wasnt made right and ill have to remake tye walls for your plot.
  13. Welcome to the community!
  14. well @Crisi forums will never be the same without your 30 uploads at a time of hackers XD. See you around my friend.