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  1. Player has been dealt with Thread Closed
  2. I don't think so since no money was involved but i also dont know the entire story behind all this. I think @Ben or @Ollieed should handle this one.
  3. Player banned thread closed. Thank you for reporting.
  4. Here is proof @blazeblaster01
  5. Yeah, they are very cool but hard to find.
  6. Agreed, but who wants to risk the chance of losing their elytra in the end or nether. As stated those worlds are not a part of our Prison server, and will not be accessible to players.
  7. There is another player named mrwarkxwkkk the names are very similar but they are not staff. Please if he can get the proper IGN this can be dealt with.
  8. Hi

    Or look in the community help section for more information
  9. Make a proper appeal the format is in the read this first topic.
  10. Welcome to the server!
  11. These areas would be fun to have in the game but they aren't supposed to be enabled for prison. The end world is pvp and you would need elytra to get to the End cities. Not many players have them so it limits who can get there.
  12. @Ben @Ollieed However this is on the terms and conditions you agreed to when making the donation All donations are non refundable. Any players who decide to chargeback will be globally banned from Aliacraft. If a package is purchased by someone else under your name and that player performs a chargeback, you will be banned, as well as the person who initiated the process.
  13. Hacking bans are now 30d and it is well past that. You will be unbanned. And thank you for making a proper appeal!
  14. Thanks and we are trying to find things that are compatible with laakes plugins to fix problems and the OPs are also working on other servers. We understand its hard to get on and play. Thanks for your faithfulness to the server.