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  1. Giveaway!

    Mattstar67, Love to get my brother playing prison rank him up to my stage
  2. Hello - Mattstar67

    Anytime my good sir
  3. Hello - Mattstar67

    Hi /is warp (MY IGN) Lit island and a Lit Team #Sky block For The Win Gamma is my dad ps. @Phoenix_Magik I changed my ign again Sorry
  4. Prison Christmas Giveaway!!

    IGN: Mattstar67 Alts: Mateeee, MattTheHypeBeast GL Btw I'm poor
  5. Love you Pig_panther

    Aww, Although I didn't know you very well I have heard things about you. Very good things in fact! - Won't be forgotten Will be missed Just noticed tho this is my 111 post #Illuminati Confirmed
  6. It's been good...

    Bye. Good luck With school and life.
  7. Another Issue

  8. Another Issue

    On kitpvp today I was running around doing my thing Killing everyone (jk I am bad) I got a Legendary Crate Key I got boots The "Trends of Holy Fires" Protection IV Depth Strider II Unbreaking III I was so happy I got Depth Striders and ermm I Got "Trends of Holy Fires" Protection II Unbreaking III
  9. Problem with chat

    Thanks Ben, We appreciate it. - Mateeeee
  10. GG!! To The New Staff!

    Just wanted to say GG and GL to the new staff members of Ali-A Craft Survival. I Am looking forward to playing with you guys oStrqfe_ Kg Depressiinq Magic_Tabbyy - = - = - Mateeee / oMattyy
  11. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    Nvm I have to wait 1 more month or something like that before I can become staff best of luck to everyone else
  12. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    With the right attitude and the right mindset, you can do anything. Don't give up. If you don't get it this time there is a next time. Good luck to everyone and I will see you all there. - oMattyy