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  1. Manager of Aliacraft and AriaCreations

  2. Hey! could you please contact me on Skype at --> mcluz1fer 

    I have a proposition for AliaCraft!




  3. Hey Bae

    1. G1ZM0T0


      Hi there hows it going.  Check out the build team's newest and first video.  Please sub, like, share and comment :>  Much more content coming.  


    2. Gavote0308


      Lol advertising on my comment --_-- xD already subbed, liked and shared with some friends haha. Looks amazing! Keep up the awesome work!!!

  4. Can I have the AriaCreations tag/rank for my name? thank you

  5. GizmoCraft

    1. G1ZM0T0


      LOL BenBot BenHost BenServers Bencraft BenMMO

    2. Ben



      Hosted by _labs

      Maintained by _Ben_labs

    3. G1ZM0T0
  6. Gizmo can I apply for staff?


  7. I would like to report a problem...  how the fuck is a sheep working a computer.. i think thats 'Jako' SHOULD be removed from forums because if the CIA find out that Gizmo is herding a      computer working sheep then they might come looking?....

    1. Madnoob11
    2. Fiirena


      Know this was a while ago, but still not very nice. Also, little kids play on here so don't swear 

  8. So on a scale of 1 to yes, how much do you love me? 

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    2. Gavote0308


      1 being no words to describe it (in a good way) and yes just being plain yes

    3. charania007
    4. Gavote0308
  9. to be honest i dont kno what this is can u tell me


  10. So umm ive been staff on a different server before and I know the responsobilites I'm 18 and I would love to join staff or at least help

  11. it seems to be that belle_the_beauty, a mod on aliacraft gets what ever she wants when she cries to you? 

    this makes me furious because i brought my minecraft rank for $350. i bought this rank so that i would receive a weekly kit hercules..

    she cried and got one for free apparently from your command... another thing that is annoying me is that she was demoted from being mod to helper... and the only reason she got mod back was because she cried to you... i do not understand why crying to someone would get them what they want...

    i hope that we can have an intellectual debate about this..  i am on aliacraft teamspeak all the time you have probably heard of me IGN:Alphajoe.  see you soon <3

    1. AllPass


      "intellectual debate"

      Its a block game.

      Go make part 2 of "Bottle Flip W/ puns".

  12. Feeling like I accomplished something with the new Staff section on the forums.

  13. What happend to gizmo servers?

    1. G1ZM0T0


      It's being renewed and upgraded

  14. when will it be open Gizmo?

    1. PowerZeroOfficial


      Gizmo when will AliACraft be Open??

    2. G1ZM0T0


      In about an hour

    3. Dooley_labs


      What about 30 minutes or less. I need a pizza.