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  1. z6p Ban Appeal

    I talked about this video with @Actualgs he said that it's hacking. 0:43 1:23 2:00
  2. No Healer Tag

  3. z6p Ban Appeal

    In this vid, you're comparing 2 different minecraft versions which are 1.8 and 1.7. If you play 1.7 you would know its completely different than 1.8. The stimpy vid has nothing to do with your ban since he's on 1.7 and the youngrogue vid he's AU obviously you will have reach hits because of ping difference. Your pretty much leaning on Marcel's video to get you unbanned, you don't have an appeal without it. Thanks for appealing but this appeal is denied.
  4. No Healer Tag

    Okay thanks for letting us know, this will be sorted sorry about the inconvenience.
  5. vip fishing area

    Could be looked into but for now /warp fishing is fine since were working on different things.
  6. No Healer Tag

    You have to do /tags then click on healer to claim the tag if it doesn't work please let us know.
  7. Auto fishing?!?!?

    Thanks for the report, players been dealt with.
  8. can i get unbanned

    You were banned by @Sil3ntWxlf for hacking, but since he's a mod he can't perm ban anyone so I perm banned you for hacking. The ban stays. Appeal Denied
  9. Suggestions after being scammed.

    Staff aren't allowed to scam, you were jailed and muted for 3days because of the threats you sent to the player. I got the money legit becuase i won a wager? Why should I or need to pay you back? Where is the proof of me scamming you? If you just want to accuse me then go ahead but i'd suggest to have proof next time.
  10. Suggestions after being scammed.

    we wagered and i won? nothing wrong in that lol
  11. YoungStrafe Ban Appeal

  12. A command to stack pots ?

    @Ben @Mitchka
  13. KitPvP Reset Information

    Hope you guys are excited for this amazing reset!
  14. !WTheck!

    Hey, thanks for making this post but next time please make a proper appeal. You have been unbanned since the proof I had was corrupted. Have a good day
  15. Who is the new...

    100% agree