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  1. Hey, thanks for making this post but next time please make a proper appeal. You have been unbanned since the proof I had was corrupted. Have a good day
  2. 100% agree
  3. Hello, thanks for appealing but since you were recently banned by @ItsNotUltimo for hacking, you have received a perm ban due to having 3 bans before that (hacking). https://gyazo.com/6310ee3102bb6f5a048da681721abde7 Appeal Denied. Thread Closed.
  4. Hello, thanks for making this proof, you have been unbanned. But please don't do that again and make sure to follow the ban appeal guide next time Appeal Accepted.
  5. Appeal Denied. Thread Closed.
  6. Thanks for the report player will be dealt with.
  7. Hey, we appreciate your honesty but I'm not sure if you're going to be unbanned it's up to @Mitchka
  8. Your ranks will be sorted once @xFatalSoul has checked the applications, i'll get back to this asap. Thanks for being patient.
  9. Woooow now who's going to notify me the hackers young man?!? .---. anyways good luck man <3
  10. Sorted
  11. Adios
  12. Appeal denied. Even if we ss you it won't prove anything and you would have been banned for ban evading since your alt 'premier1' is banned for DDos Threats. Thanks for making the appeal. Have a good day.
  13. @Ben can sort this, thanks for letting us know.
  14. Hey, thanks for letting us know we are trying to fix this problem I will restore your inventory when I'm able to get on
  15. Who are you?