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  1. Sorted.
  2. Good luck to everyone who applies! :D
  3. Thanks for the proof!
  4. This might help.
  5. Unbanned. Thread Closed.
  6. I'm not gonna warn you for what you said because you know it was wrong, you said it on purpose because you knew that I can read pms. I banned you because you evaded a mute. And yes i could've muted you but what you said shouldn't be said in public chat just because you had a problem with me. HeyBabe is my old name btw I changed my ign.
  7. You have been unbanned.
  8. The appeal will be dealt with once @ItsKenneth is on tommorow. Thanks for appealing.
  9.  Hi can you help me out?

    1. HeyBabe


      Sure, whats up?

  10. Hello how you going

  11. Happy Birthday!

    1. HeyBabe


      Thanks Gavote :D