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  1. Please read this before appealing
  2. You already had a chance to not hack again. You lost your chance and now your perm banned. Thanks for appealing. Appeal Denied
  3. Hey, Thanks for being honest but you have to wait for your ban to end. Appeal Denied.
  4.  Hi can you help me out?

    1. gfbabe


      Sure, whats up?

  5. Thanks for the proof, they will be banned.
  6. Hey, please make a proper ban appeal.
  7. Thanks for the report but i don't think this is enough for a ban.
  8. Player is banned. thanks for the proof!
  9. Thanks for the proof, player will be banned
  10. Thanks for the proof, they will be banned.
  11. Thanks for the proof, they will be banned.
  12. Thanks for the proof , player will be banned.
  13. Thanks for the proof, he will be banned.
  14. Hello how you going

  15. Hey, you need to log out of your minecraft client and log back in. It should be working after that.