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  1. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    down below and you will be entered into the giveaway! ign: u already kno
  2. Byeeee <3

    Welp rip, I'll miss you fletch and congrats on the job role. Hope to see you again in the future
  3. Huge Giveaway!

    GG to the winners, if you didnt win unlucky, there will always be more giveaways in the future. Dont forget to thank ADz for hosting this!
  4. Creative Closure

    ofc bigboi, guru > all build teams
  5. Creative Closure

    Rip Creaytif ;c the best plot will unfortunately no longer be accessible ;c
  6. Huge Giveaway!

    Jheez bossman is generous, you know the ign
  7. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    Best of luck to all who wish to interview! Cant wait to welcome the new staff members
  8. Dont ask how

    You shouldnt be on top anyway to see that lmao
  9. Giveaway!

    If you dont know my ign do /hub and dont click the compass, thanks.
  10. Proof to itWrench Hacks

    In order to be punished for hacking, you need sufficient video footage that shows them hacking, a screenshot like that could have been taken on any server or on singleplayer.
  11. Give Away

    IGN: Sheepyy rigged giveaway
  12. Report someone for Say the N word and SAYING KYS

    Player was already dealt with, thank you for reporting.
  13. Survival V7 Reset!

    Pretty sure they will re-give you the rank seeing as most other servers are, but you need proof of having it, however I cant confirm.
  14. Survival V7 Reset!

    @DragonSlayerJeff 9th March (today) 5pm US EST time
  15. Leaving <3

    I didnt really get to know you much, but sad to see staff leave. Thanks for helping out the community and best of luck with everything in life! : D