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  1. PC Specs

    @RapidStrafes Ikr
  2. PC Specs

    @Eastwards Don't worry, I got mine for $67 Au rather than $170 so i'm happy.
  3. PC Specs

    @Eastwards I'll definitely think about it, I'm still not sure on a monitor but I'm getting a Razer Deathstalker Chroma for my keyboard.
  4. PC Specs

    @Eastwards It's not just for Minecraft, I need a decent PC for ARK, GTA etc Also need to keep in mind that parts are super expensive in Australia.
  5. PC Specs This is the setup i'm looking at getting at the moment. I have set a budget of $1500 AU while setting aside $200 for a monitor and $100 for a keyboard. So roughly around $1200 AU to spend on the components. Any suggestions would be great <3 -Seal469
  6. How ya doin'

    Welcome to the Aliacraft community, hope to see you around.