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  1. ban Appeal for kubuzbear and mitchka

    1. IGN: Will78HD 2. Banned by: Mitchka 3. Ban duration: Permanent 4. Ban date: 2017-10-005 5. Ban reason: Disrespect 6. Ban Accurate: Yes and no, I was being disrespectful but I changed and went on my alt and mitchka said I could come on my alt and play if I don't break any rules beacouse I've changed then kubzbear banned me for perm. 7. Proof: Below 8. Appeal: Ok so I agree I was being disrespectful and I'm sorry for that but I have changed a lot now and I asked Mitchka if I could come on a alt and play and Mitchka agreed and said thats fine along as I don't break the rules so I was playing on my alt for around 3 months probably more, then on the 2018-08-06 for Ban evading but Mitchka said I could play on my alt along as I don't disrespect and I wasn't breaking any rules. I would like to be unbanned so I can play on aliacraft like I was doing and have a great time. I love the server and I'm sorry for being disrespectful before. 9. Screenshot(s): Below Thanks for your time reading my ban appeal and I hope you see you on aliacraft soon.
  2. Ban Appeal

    1. IGN: HCFWilliam 2. Banned by: kuzbear 3. Ban duration: Permanent 4. Ban date: 2018--8-06 5. Ban reason: Ban Evading 6. Ban Accurate: Constant Disrespect - Alt. Appeal on forums. - ipban fix 7. Proof: Picture below 8. Appeal: So I used to be disrespectful so I got banned on my other account for disrespect [Will78HD] then I changed and wasn't rude or anything like that no more so I came onto aliacraft on an alt and asked Mitchka if I would be able to play aliacraft on a alt and I told her who I was and explain that I have changed, and she said yes thats fine along as I don't disrespect and break the rules. So I was playing sky block and I asked how everyone was then next minute I got banned for Ban evading im guessing because it says Alt. And I hadn't done anything wrong like breaking the rules. 9. Screenshot(s): Picture below Thanks for reading! - Will