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  1. Some quick ideas :D

    Hello everyone! I have been thinking of some simple things that might just make prison a bit easier for the players. (Doesn't include better money or kits or anything) I have come up with a list for the things I would most like to see in prison. #1. Alongside /warp dra, add a /warp dra 2 to get to the other side of dra instead of having to run all the way there every time. #2. When a player does /warp pres, it automatically teleports them to the middle of the highest prestige area their rank allows them to access. For example, if I did /warp pres, I would automatically be sent to the middle of pres 4-6. #3. Lets be honest, the server doesn't have NEARLY enough players for FOUR different mines for non-ranks. I think they should replace the /warp mine1-4 to /warp C4Mine-C1Mine. This doesn't mean a player would type "/warp c4mine-c1mine," it means that they could do /warp C4mine, C3Mine, C2Mine, or C1Mine. This idea could go for vip mines, too. #4. This mechanic would have been a lot more useful back when the server had about 100 people actively playing, but oh well. The idea is to add a"/find cell" command. When this command would be run, it would open up a gui that asked which cell block you wished to have a cell in, then you would say "OK," and it would automatically find an open cell in that cell block and ask if the player wishes to claim it. If the player claims it, then they can just use the "/cell home" command to go to their cell, or do "/cell," and then it would open up the gui and give options such as "Find new cell" "Unclaim cell" or "Tp to cell." These were just some of the simple ideas I had for prison! Feel free to suggest more if you have any @Mitchka
  2. Huge Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone :D! This is a really sick giveaway! Ign: ImNotNewfy
  3. Who won the giveaway...?

    1. XDav1d


      For prison @Nwfy?

    2. Nwfy
    3. XDav1d


      Its on the forums / should be. Soz for the late reply

  4. Giveaway!

  5. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    I won, and I took a screenshot, but I forgot to do it in F5... Here it is though...