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  1. Dear forum members, Since some time Aliacraft has started rebuilding the server behind your back. The purpose of this is to make every plugin currently running on the server custom, slowly game modes and plugins are custom made by us. Only this does not work alone. If you are interested, read on. What does our developer team look like? Our team has a lot of roles in our tech section. We have the roles: Head-Developer Developer Trainee All of these ranks are displayed on the server and discord as "Developer" so you can't really tell if he is a trainee or something. But all of the work is done on the backend side of the server, so making plugins and stuff. What do you get from us? First, we are a close team, everyone knows each other and it is fun. We give you the opportunity to join a friendly and nice team, in addition, you get a nice rank on the server and discord. You also get paid from the rank "Developer". What do we expect from you? Like we said, being a developer is not just playing on the server and helping players. 90% is done on the backend side, so you will create high-quality plugins. High-Quality Plugins +10 hours a week active Understanding of Spigot and NMS +2 years work experience as a Java Developer Friendly and kind If you got those requirements than its time to apply for a developer. What are you waiting on? All the applications for being a developer goes through our partner Devro Coding. Apply Here: https://minecraft.devrocoding.com/become_a_developer You will get an email (+/- 3 days) if your application is being accepted or not! Not everyone can be accepted as a developer!
  2. Survival V7 Reset!