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  1. This server is unfair

    Right so... I got to thinking (Yea we know its hard) but @DudefaceUK got staff after quitting staff and it hadn't been 3months. But when I wanted to apply for staff after less than 3months I wasn't allowed I would just like to know why this is fair. @Mitchka
  2. GiveAway Winners

    Thanks All for entering my giveaway ! 1st place Winner - @Sheepyy 2nd Place Winner - @P5s 3rd Place Winner - @Fadingstripe THANKS ALL FOR ENTERING. IF YOU DIDN'T WIN BETTER LOOK NEXT TIME !!!!!! Claim Prizes In game or msg me on Discord - ImClapped#7145
  3. Give Away

    Survival Give Away Welcome To the OG survival 0.7 reset! Now... I know that some people are struggling to get started with some of the more fortunate items So I Decided to Give away 3 Prizes 1st, 2nd And 3rd 1st place Prize Will receive : 100k in Cash Note 2 Vindicator Spawners 2 blaze spawners 16 gaps 100 Spawner shards 2nd place will receive" 50k 1 Vindicator Spawner 1 Blaze Spawner 8 Gaps and a Creeper pet 3rd Place will receive : 25k 3 cave spider spawners 6 Gaps And Zues Pickaxe and sword To enter put your full IGN and Try to make me laugh. But the winners will be drawn with a random selector!!! Winners Will be Revealed On Sunday The 18th of Match !!!!!
  4. My Rank

    My Ign is ImClapped... and I has Athena Rank
  5. Real Apology

    @TheGameGuru I have Thanks anyway
  6. Real Apology

  7. Real Apology

    Dear Server, I am sorry for what I have done, I highly disrespected @Mitchka With my Toxic behavior, I honestly deep down did not revise that you where upset prior to the incident. And I was an idiot to add on to the other player who where acting toxic, I should not have done this. and Relise now before I do things I should think of the possible out comes. I have personally messaged who is personally offended. and they know that I am sorry. Also I now knw that I was staff and I have been toxic in other situations to this. Please again Forgive me <3 Thank you for reading CrayonBoxx (Duck)