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  1. CrayonBoxx's appeal

    1. IGN:Crayonboxx 2. Banned by: @Sil3ntWxlf 3. Ban duration: perm ip ban 4. Ban date: 2018-02-10 5. Ban reason: Enjoy the ban, learn not to disrespect people o/ YA YEET 6. Ban Accurate: Yes 7. Proof: n/a 8. Appeal: I have made a Public apology expressing how I am sorry towards the server and I understand that what I did is wrong and actions Come with consequences. But I believe that the punishment is harsh and I would please appreciate the punishment to be made a shorter ban or just a normal ban. Please 9. Screenshot(s): Don't know how
  2. Real Apology

    @TheGameGuru I have Thanks anyway
  3. Real Apology

  4. Real Apology

    Dear Server, I am sorry for what I have done, I highly disrespected @Mitchka With my Toxic behavior, I honestly deep down did not revise that you where upset prior to the incident. And I was an idiot to add on to the other player who where acting toxic, I should not have done this. and Relise now before I do things I should think of the possible out comes. I have personally messaged who is personally offended. and they know that I am sorry. Also I now knw that I was staff and I have been toxic in other situations to this. Please again Forgive me <3 Thank you for reading CrayonBoxx (Duck)
  5. CrayonBoxx's Appeal

    1.IGN: CrayonBoxx 2.Banned By: @Sil3ntWxlf . ip Banned in game 3.Ban Duration: Perm Ban 4.Ban Date: 2018-02-10 5.Ban Reason: "Enjoy The ban, Learn not to disrespect people o/ YA YEET" 6.Ban Accurate: Yes 7.Proof: N/A 8. I believe I should be banned because in the moment, I was annoyed that a someone got unbanned when in my opinion think that they where using a client of some sort. and I am aware that my actions have consequences, But I will learn from this. Also I am unaware as to why I was ip banned, I came on an alt to play the server not to be disrespectful. 9. I don't know to ss
  6. Just a few ideas

    Ok thanks @LadyRosyG
  7. Just a few ideas

    @Liamswin01 Because, Then players Wh are iron and below don't complain about the amount of chests after having to grind over 30mil. Or maybe give same amount of chests?
  8. Just a few ideas

    Hello, For some reason couldn't access my other account but I have a few ideas for prison, @LadyRosyG and @ActualGS or @Mr_DrkAngel I dunno who to tag - A few things. 1. Gangs on prison - Like they are on kit pvp and Be able to upgrade them to 15+ people with money much like the /rankup Feture but with a gangs. and the higher the gang the more people you can have in your gang. 2. For p7 cells to either be the same as DRA in the amount of chests they have, or for them to have a few more maybe 2-3 more? Because then It makes it play to win not pay to win. 3.And Maybe possibly interviews soon, because there is only 1 helper and Some of the mods aren't the most active and so are the admins. so new helpers would be amazing - Thank you for reading <3