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  1. Creative Closure

    As a few of you, hopefully by this stage ALL of you, are aware earlier this week we were given the disappointing news that Creative is being shut down. This means that the upcoming Creative Interviews are cancelled, for obvious reasons. Creative will remain open until the first of May, upon the closure of Creative the creative staff will be given the choice to transfer should they wish to continue on as staff. It has been an incredible journey for me on this server, I've been here for around 3 years and I've had a few homes on the server but it was my greatest pride to be the Head Admin of Creative. And not just being the Head Admin of Creative as a server but also the beautiful and wonderful staff that were stuck under my 'reign'.(And Sif ) To each and all of you, I give the biggest thanks that I am capable of. You each put your best foot forward, you went the extra mile to help the players, the other staff, each other and myself. To all the players who have been committed to creative or even those who have only occasionally gotten on, thankyou. I'm sorry to those who put so so much of their time and efforts into building plots to rank up. Unfortunately I can't do anything about your plots being lost with the shut down though I've been told that a backup will be taken of creative, not that that really helps the situation. Lastly, to those who dug into their pockets for a rank on creative, to my understanding we will not be transferring ranks, or offering up coupons. On the AliA Discord there is a channel ( #creative-memories) especially for the Creative players who wish to share memories or good times etc from Creative. Please do feel free to join in and throw in some of your memories. Time to wind this post down, I think you all get the gist by now. If however any of you have further questions please feel free to contact me on discord, here, or the server when I'm around and I will do my best to answer them for you.

    This is untouched beauty at its finest. Nobody could ever reach this high of a quality of art if they tried
  3. Creative Rank Transfers.

    Remember when people liked you? Oops.. That wasnt a thing :>
  4. Creative Rank Transfers.

  5. Creative Rank Transfers.

    If you had a rank on creative, and you didn't get a chance to fill out the form, or weren't given it, fill this out. http://bit.ly/2qLN1oF <3
  6. V.I.P Rank

    Thanks Jbubba, I guess we can close this thread now if the issue is resolved :3 <3
  7. Easter Themed Plot Competition

    Just waiting on a response for Ru which probably wont be for a few hours as he's asleep now, will post it in the comment section below when the winner is chosen
  8. Carrot Club <3

    Fry yourselves
  9. Problem with chat

    Oboi ._. @Ollieed @Ben
  10. Goodbye THEbabesMCD :(

    Sorry to see you go, despite our constant arguments. Hope wherever you go from here will be pleasant and I wish you the best in your life from here!
  11. Devil Build

    If you were, as stated above, just wondering about our opinions on it, reviews aside, I think it could do with a bit more filling out and shaping to it. And as Sif mentioned I think that the Nose ring ( if that is what it is) takes up too much of your focal attention, its what my eyes are drawn straight too, try to make it smaller and less noticable, find other features to bring to the forefront. But its not a bad build, could make something cool out of it
  12. Devil Build

    ^^^^^ Pretty certain the answer is yes
  13. Friendly Staff

  14. With these uglies xD

    You know nothing.