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  1. Prison Updates Thread

    @McMaster1107 ruby is probably going to be the 2nd highest rank on the server very soon (sapphire) so it would make more since that diamond+ should have it as well since both have dra, and /feed so SUPER helpful because you can have an extra slot in your inventory while mining AND while you are in PvP
  2. +My Introduction+

    Hello Everyone! I know I'm starting this super late but I just wanted to make a proper introduction. Better late than never . IRL First Name: Cesar Minecraft IGN: TrippieRedd__ (2 underscores). Race: Hispanic, American. Age: 16 Birthday: March 25th, 2001 Home: Houston,Texas (US) Gamemode I play: Prison⛓🔒 Current Rank: Diamond Rank, Prestige 4 (Very close to P7, I save up my money and jump prestiges seeing that you don't really gain anything going to P5 or P6 giving that you stay in the same Prestige areas). How long I played on Ali-A server: Well I was here when it first opened up(THE OG PRISON), I was here when there was no walls at /warp mid and you could just walk out of pvp , but I wasn't really known back then, I just kept to myself. interested in Staff: Most Definitely! Pretty much everyone knows about me going for Helper on prison now would love to be apart of the Staff Team and help out others in the community and provide a extra hand giving that I'm on Prison everyday . Languages Spoken: I speak English and Spanish Other Games I play: I play Call of Duty on the PlayStation 4 and Fortnite! Hobbies: I play video games and play Baseball ⚾️ . Youtubers I watch: A lot of the FaZe Team, RiceGum, Alia, Theodd1sout, Dramaalert. Favorite Genre of Music: Hip Hop/Rap Favorite Artists: Lil Uzi Vert, TrippieRedd, NAV, Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTENTACION Future Career Path: Physical Therapist or a Detective. Pets: I have 1 girl dog, her name is Chloe and her breed is a multipoo. Favorite Food: Pasta! Favorite Movie: Mission Impossible. Favorite Tv Shows: The Flash, The Walking Dead, and Stranger Things. Electronic Device: iPhone (TEAM APPLE) Thank You to those who actually read this or read some parts at least . - TrippieRedd__
  3. Prison Updates Thread

    @LadyRosyG Is there any possible chance that Diamond Ranks could also get ahold of that awesome /feed command? Diamond-Ruby are the only ranks that can access the DRA area so maybe can you make a change and give Diamond+ Players access to /feed seeing that they are both DRA ranks <3
  4. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    I won koth , 1/1/18
  5. Christmas Giveaway On Prison!

  6. Problem

    @Mitchka @LadyRosyG I Agree this has been a big problem in prison , its like you wasting your time killing the person and then getting nothing from it , this bug should be fixed so everyone can get something and not let all the items just vanish
  7. Christmas Giveaway On Prison!

    Ign- TrippieRedd___ ( 3 Underscores ) good luck to all ❤️
  8. AMAZING Christmas Giveaway!

    Ign- TrippieRedd___ ( 3 Underscores ) Goodluck to All ❤️