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    https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSddeRqvx1nwj7xWxT6aeM551jL0T6-b7IdRgZwRHWfvEs39Iw/formResponse This was the page.
  2. BOW boost

    I do agree with you on this. Although it would make it too p2w. As such lets say that a new player comes on and they don't want to die, I have a punch 2 from my gkits and when they try to run they get killed. It's not really fair. Just try and work with it.
  3. Kitpvp Reset information

    Kit proof for reset. I couldn't get the eking screen shot. it just says you cannot use that kit, GS knows that he gave it to me after some staff removed it. I have the Halloween kit from a purchase. thanks! @Mitchka
  4. Kitpvp Reset information

    nice! now its not op
  5. update

    glad to see that you guys have been working
  6. Reset Info?

    Kit PvP has been as dead as factions for a while now. With there being no updates or players on. I'm posting this wondering if the staff team has planned a reset for Kit PvP and if it is close. The economy is quite broken and there are a lot of glitches because of 1.12 and the lack of staff and how most of the new helpers quit. I hope that the new developers could help out with implements to make exp relevant again. Thanks! -Xtog
  7. Given up hope..

    @WarriorASJ I have played this server for years. Just try a mini game server if you are worried about friends or something like that.
  8. Given up hope..

    I see why WarriorASJ is upset. There has been many new updates on all the other servers but no one is caring about factions. This was relate able to kit pvp but that's not sorted out. All that I can say to @WarriorASJ is to try out a different server on aliacraft or maybe a different server in general until factions is back up. That will really pass the time and I know it will help you.
  9. Christmas tags

    @dragondamian124 hop on kit
  10. Christmas tags

    Just like this post and comment your ign if you want a free Christmas tag, I have a stupid amount of these from bosses.
  11. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    My head is up there but I didn't post on this lol
  12. m8 get more active



  14. Pvp boosters!

  15. AMAZING Christmas Giveaway!

    ign Xtog good luck to you all