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  1. June 17th Claim Winner!

    Congratulations to HosDoo, this weeks Survival claim winner! Good job!
  2. Survival Claim Nominations!

    Each week Survival will be choosing 2 claims to feature on the forums! Chosen claims will be based on creativity, humor, quality and so on. Each claim must be appropriate and follow guidelines if wanted to be nominated, let a survival staff member know if you would like to be featured. If your claim was built by more than one person, all names will be mentioned. At the end of each week the two claims featured may receive a prize o: Good Luck!
  3. Leaving <3

    Sad to see you go, Chocolate
  4. Hi friends!

    Haha, no problem !
  5. I found Herobrine

    Oh my...
  6. Survival Changes

    Suggestions like this are appreciated ! There are a lot of changes Survival is still going through however. Some of these things were put in to avoid other problems like being able to withdraw more than 100k and I believe some things like /trade were cancelled because of some issues we were having. But they are definitely being worked on so don't worry, thanks for reporting ! Have a good day/night ~Doughnut
  7. Bye Jamouzz

    I hope whatever happens in the future will be good for you, Jamouuuuuuuuuu <3