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  1. Huge Giveaway!

    Congratulations to the winners! First Place: @_TakeTheL Second Place: @Sheepyy Third Place: @SoftUnicornPuppy Ill be contacting you over discord in the next couple of hours to redeem your prices, thanks for entering
  2. Huge Giveaway!

    ✢✢✢Huge Prison Giveaway✢✢✢ First Place: 2 Million In Cash Ruby Sets (P5) x10 God Gaps Stacks x3 Item Rename Tag x1 Speed 2/Strength 2 x32 Diamond Blocks x300 Sapphire Pickaxe/Sword/Bow Second Place: 1 Million In Cash Ruby Sets (P5) x5 God Gaps Stacks x2 Alia-Army Tag x1 Speed 2/Strength 2 x16 Diamond Blocks x200 Sapphire Pickaxe/sword Third Place: 500k In Cash Ruby Sets (p5) x3 God Gaps Stacks x1 Haste Papers x3 Speed 2/Strength 2 x8 Diamond Blocks x100 Sapphire Pickaxe May as well try bring a few new players onto prison or bring players back with a giveaway! To enter this giveaway you need to like this post and comment your IGN below! Winners will be pick next Friday the 4th of May! Good-luck for all that enters!
  3. Giveaway!

    IGN - AlienADz Goodluck
  4. Koth keys broken.

    Yesterday i capped the first KOTH and received 0 keys i just thought that it is was a one off, later on that day the same glitch happened again receiving 0 keys from winning KOTH, i notified Mitchka and David that it was broken and Drk came online and gave me 3 keys i think he was trying to fix something to do with KOTH but since then i have capped it twice and received no keys. @Mitchka Proof of the KOTH today i don't have anymore so i understand if i don't get the other keys. Thanks
  5. Something to think about.

    Something that i thought would be a great idea to add to the forums is a way to vote for your most helpful and active staff members on prison or server wide. This may highlight certain staff members that don't get enough recognition that they should for the work they put into the community and server, by voting it will make the community feel more involved with the server. Some ways of making this happen server wide is to make a poll on the Aliacraft forums with Helpers/Mods in one category Admins/Head Admins in another and OPs in a single category, or you could have each staff position in there own category. If you wanted to do this to a specific server then you could have it as Helpers in one Mods in two Admins in three. This could lead to you adding a staff of the month feature of each category or just a collected amount of votes for one person, so then a hard working staff member could get a sense of achievement and appreciation for the work they do. Thanks for reading @Sheepyy @Mitchka