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  1. The player has already been banned (another player came on to prison to come find me) @WildCookieCat
  2. Here is the proof for your ban:
  3. Here is the proof:
  4. Appeals are written for you to essentially explain why you think you deserve to have a ban revoked, when and if the ban is lifted that is your second chance. Did that make sense?
  5. Firstly @Gavote0308 this is not an issue of whether or not I 'dislike' you. The reason you have been moderated is because I grew sick of you constantly throwing nasty comments at the staff in comments claiming that we have nasty personalities or do not do our jobs. The fact you even thought I would try to demote you is appalling as I would have/had no motive to do so. If you have a personal problem with me, bring it up to me in personal private messages.
  6. Hi there, I've been informed that players using 1.8 are able to see people's name tags even when they are invisible. It is highly likely that the player was on 1.8 given that factions is a PVP server. Therefore I believe the player is not hacking.
  7. Hey, log on factions ASAP and msg me please.

    1. LadyRosyG


      I am online atm


    2. yij


      Oh sorry I was busy, I guess I'll just message you on here.

  8. My apologies I didn't see the armor in your hotbar initially. However it is possible that when the player initially dropped down they may have seen particles. I've asked some higher up staff to have a look and are awaiting their decision.
  9. The video you have posted is too dark, unfortunately no names tags can be seen thus we cannot ban the player.
  10. I see no evidence of hacks in this video. @Mikeyqwerty, @blazeblaster01 thoughts?
  11. Please post the video on YouTube and post the link here. I am unable to view the video in the format you have posted it as.
  12. gone

    For the record @Gavote0308 your appeal was resolved in the sense it was rejected.
  13. Apologies for the incorrect ban, you have been unbanned
  14. Thank you for the report, the player has been punished.
  15. Thread closed - issue resolved