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  1. Thank you EVERYONE!

    There aren't any words that can truly express how sad I really am at this point. You were truly one of the key OPs I turned to not only when I wanted things fixed but for issues in general. You weren't just an OP or 'my boss' so to speak, you were that kid (I can call you that cos I'm old) that was incredibly mature and well rounded and trustworthy. I wish I could stand by the door and scream NNNNOOOOO and not force you to leave. I wish you nothing but the best for everything that comes your way as you really deserve nothing but the best in return for everything you have done.
  2. Have u heard about Ben

  3. New Feature?!?!

    I understand why you would like to have baltop, however I asked this question to the higher ups post soft reset. It's simply too much extra effort to order so many people's bal. I speak from experience that when something goes wrong with /baltop, it can be extremely cumbersome to fix. I don't know if I'm 100% correct it also causes extra hassle that we can spend improving other things. I know that scamming is tough and people can easily lie about their balance however we simply aren't adding features that prevent it given that it's been a rule since day 1. @Mitchka feel free to add any comment.
  4. i got kicked for nothing

    Hi there, yes I agree that this punishment does seem rather extreme and far-fetched. I fully understand that the joke was made since you were former staff. I have been informed that you have had your items replaced and I have since spoken to prison staff about this issue to ensure this doesn't happen again. Thread Closed
  5. I am going to upload proof for that i got false banned, i do not hack this is b.s 

    1. THE_ONE_PRO


      for the prisons ban

    2. LadyRosyG


      Make a proper appeal, don't post on my profile. I won't accept appeals here

    3. THE_ONE_PRO


      I appealed on the ban section please look at it

  6. Scammed

    Correct me if I'm wrong @Phoenix_Magik and @Mitchka, but from my memory. cross server key scamming is allowed, even on Skyblock.
  7. THE_ONE_PRO Fishy

    This proof looks like enough to me, there are some suspicious movements evident so I will deal with this player. Thank you for positing his proof
  8. Creative Idea

  9. name change

    You are able to change your Forums Name by yourself. Go to Account --> Account Settings --> Under 'Settings Area' look for Display Name and type your new name. You are able to change your forums name every 30 days.
  10. Still Banned for Non Hacking

    Please make an appeal in the proper format AND under the appeal section of this forums:
  11. Why can't I rank up?

    Yes it appears that your actual class rank has glitched out. If you run into one of us (Sr Admin+) online we can repex the class rank for you.
  12. Discord

  13. Problem

    By move we mean 'start over' so to speak on Prison 1 or 2. Your items unfortunately cannot be transferred since syncing has been disabled. @Ben, @Dooley_labs, @Mitchka please correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Sandreya kid

    Wow will deal with player, thanks for posting proof.
  15. I'm so confused. Please help.

    Lol Ben I guess thread closed - issue resolved.