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  1. Aha tysm Gav, tbf I would've been elated for anyone to get it
  2. You're sparkily now xD

    1. LadyRosyG


      Everything is better sparkly haha

  3. Evading is if you came on another account to bypass your ban. However, it is not evading that you are banned for. You have been caught hacking 3 times from my understanding, given the first time is a 30d ban, that is a strong warning and choosing to hack again results in a perm ban. Given that you chose to risk hacking again and got caught, you have no more chances. @Mitchka and @Ben could you please comment on this matter.
  4. I actually have no idea Gav, probably some rande.
  5. The evidence is quite clear, you were NOT lagging. Thread Closed Appeal - DENIED
  6. By far one of the best applications ever, you have put me to shame
  7. Please make an appeal using the correct format as highlighted here:
  8. My lovely Ru <3 We started getting real close when you opened your arms to listen to my issues, it was bittersweet when you came to prison. On one hand it was heartbreaking to see your beloved creative go down yet exciting to have you as part of the prison team. It saddens me to see you leave but there is no way I'm letting you get away on Skype. I love you so much and wish you all the best
  9. Please the vast number of comments in the multiple threads about this topic. Thread Closed - Question Answered
  10. Please make a proper appeal, you have been warned far too many times. If you continue to spam forums in the incorrect format your content will be moderated.
  11. The message under her name is a signature, that is just placed when you comment, but there are indeed no automatic comments.
  12. Mitchka has already said that a date will be announced when one is ready, it is still unknown if it we be pre-announced or just happen. Until then please just be patient.
  13. Thread Closed - Question Answered
  14. You do not apply for staff on here. Please read this thread. Little heads up, it's not a good idea to ask for staff by saying other staff are inactive... Thread Closed - Question Answered
  15. Player will be dealt with, thanks for the report. Thread Closed