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  1. Little bug.

    Hardly a bug but will be fixed. Thank you for your post.
  2. Tjb ban appeal

    You were CONSTANTLY spamming helpop and people's PMs when they told you to stop. Deciding to listen to your ego you continued, given you're already perm muted you can have a ban as your final warning. Continue this behavior and more severe punishments will arise. Thread Closed - Appeal Denied
  3. Koth Victor

    Honestly I don't want to sound rude but please DON'T make a separate thread just for the sake of uploading proof that you won Koth. I made a separate thread for a reason, use it. Extra threads clog up the prison forum.
  4. KOTH proof of VICTORYYY

    Firstly I have a specific thread about this maybe that’s the correct place to post this... Secondly no I’m not putting your head on the wall twice nor am I giving you a prize. Thread Closed
  5. XxNefariousxX koth win proof

    The chat says 'you have won koth' that'll do. Not idea but meh. Thread Closed
  6. Just a few ideas

    Hey guys. Firstly thank you so much for your ongoing support for prison. It truly means a lot to me that you've stuck around for so long <3 Let me address your ideas real quick. 1. I know it seems extremely frustrating that ppl keep suggesting gangs for prison and we keep saying no. The reason is that we do not feel the extra drama Gangs will cause is worth it. Speaking from past experience ppl demanded gangs and then when it was added complaints about it's redundancy came in. 2. I am currently brainstorming ideas for improving P7 & P10 cells. I know that currently P1-10 is all the same but please bear in mind that when we released Prestige Area, ppl DEMANDED we finish Prestige ASAP. To put things into perspective, prestige cells used to be 1/2 the size they are now and each cell was rebuilt by hand by yours truly. So at the time that is simply all the energy I had. But I will definitely work on improving and adding more to these cells. 3. I understand that it seems I am 'lacking' staff. But at this point in time I do not see a huge gap in staff coverage. Yes, there are times when no staff are online however we cannot be around 24/7. The staff are not 'inactive' so to speak, we have a tendency to miss things in chat due to preoccupation with other things or just simple mistake as contrary to popular belief we are human. I must apologise that it seems I am not taking staff as my current schedule doesn't permit interviews, furthermore there are other servers that require a) more staff (considering they have about 1/4 the no. staff compared to prison) or simply need urgent work done. However, I can promise that staff interviews will happen in due time.
  7. Prison Updates Thread

    @McMaster1107 so basically, DRA has the cheapest repair signs. Followed by P7 and then standard ones at like /warp pvp and /warp shop. Hope that clears things up!
  8. The Reviewing System.

    @SIF11 @Ruben__ @Ruxiri
  9. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    Hello Everyone. As you should be aware, there is now a HOF (Hall of Fame) at /warp pvp2 behind Koth in the shape of a giant crown. The wall is there for winners of Koth to have their heads placed on for ppl to recognise the winners. As I am human (contrary to popular believe) I cannot be online for every single Koth, that as a result is not a valid excuse for someone to not have their head on the HOF. This forums post is for you to post SCREENSHOTS of you winning Koth so I can check the validity of your win and place you on the HOF. T&Cs: - I will only be accepting screenshots from the 1st of December 2017 onwards. I'm sorry but this is to ensure the wall does not fill up too fast. - I must see your player in the screenshot (i.e. full body profile) - I must also be able to see chat in the picture (i.e. __ has won Koth). Good luck and have fun!
  10. My leather rank on prison

    Please indicate your IGN(In game name) so we can look for your rank. Thank you.
  11. IDEA

    Thank you for your suggestion. I must make it clear that prison is NOT a PvP based server. Yes there is PvP available but unlike say Factions and KitPvP it isn't the main selling feature of prison. As a result there isn't much in terms of PvP specific features. In short I do not see this feature being added at this point in time. I will keep it in mind but as of now I will have to say no. Again, thank you for your suggestion and ongoing support for prison.
  12. VIP C1 Mines better than P1 Mines?!?!

    Hi there, thank you for your post and concerns. Ultimately, VIP mines are always going to be marginally better than non-donor accessible mines. However I will take into account your concerns, I do plan on working on giving each of the mines some much needed attention EDIT: The C1 Mines have been tweaked a little bit, Redstone was re-added, the amount of diamond block was decreased and clay added to Prestige 1+4
  13. Mines once again ):

    The prices for obby have been increased, they are now ~$40 more than a single diamond block. Obsidian isn't being removed, if you don't like it don't mine it. Thread Closed - 'Suggestion' taken into account and implemented.