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  1. Donator rank help

    I will reload it when I next see you online
  2. Can I get a refund on Prison?

    No, it is clearly stated on the T&Cs of Buycraft that refunds are not allowed and if you chargeback you will be perm banned off of the network.
  3. Prison bug

    I'm aware of this issue and have spoken to appropriate staff about fixing it.
  4. I don't know how to reply on the forums so I made a new thread.


    Sorry if you don't like anybody PM'ing you about these issues I just saw that you followed the thread and thought you were waiting on a reply on that one.

  5. Rules on prestige cells.

    UPDATE: I've added a hologram indicating that you cannot have a cell on each prison to every single cell area

    I did NOT say that there were no interviews. For the first round of interviews I had applicants write a WRITTEN application, from there I invited them to an interview. It is most likely that when you asked to apply for staff, I had stopped taking written applications and were not sending anymore invitations for interviews. Should we announce another round of interviews, it will be well published both in game and on forums so do not pester staff asking about the next set of interviews. Thread Closed - Question Answered
  7. Please read this forums post in order to gauge the rules and regulations of prison


  8. These are the current rules staff are going by, these are subject to change at the request of higher ups. Do not use these guidelines as an appeal i.e. 'The guidelines say __ but I'm muted for __', if higher up staff feel the need to increase punishment then that is discussed with them. CELLS There are 3 prisons on the server designed to minimise lag and increase cell capacity. - You are FORBIDDEN to have a cell on Prison 1, 2 AND 3. If you are caught with more than 1 cell; LadyRosyG or Mitchka WILL remove extra cells with the items inside. - If you have a cell that for some reason you can build in, you are FORBIDDEN from customising your cell as it is unfair to others. If you are caught with a custom cell, either LadyRosyG or Mitchka WILL restore the cell to it's original state. SCAMMING This is prison, as a result, scamming in game IS ALLOWED! - Staff will not replace lost items nor will they act as a 3rd party during deals. HOWEVER Any trade that involves IRL money is strictly FORBIDDEN and may result in a permanent ban. SPAM Letter, number, symbol repeated more than 4 times - Any sentence repeated more than 3 times in chat in a short time-frame is also considered spam. - If you continue to send the same message to person's Private Messages over and over, this is spam. Spam is punishable by warning first, if you decide to continue you will be muted a 15 minute mute will follow. Should you choose to continue spamming, you will be dealt with a longer mute time and so on. CAPS Please refrain from using caps, anything that includes 4 characters or above of capital letters is considered as caps. Caps is the equivalent of being shouted out, and that's not nice for anyone. First offence will result only in a warning, However the second offence WILL result in a 15 minute mute. Should you continue after this, your mute time will get extended and so on. SWEARING & INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE SWEARING: Swearing and offensive language is not tolerated on the server, thus there is a language filter. Any words that are filtered out will NOT be warned. HOWEVER - Trying to bypass the filter by using symbols or numbers WILL be a warning followed by a 15 minutes mute should you continue.for language. - Abuse of the chat filter classifies as spam and will be punished with a 15 minute mute. INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE: Any language related to inappropriate topics such as drug use or 'bad' behaviour is strictly forbidden. Should you choose to use such language, you will be warned and then punished with a 15 minute mute if you continue. This also INCLUDES the naming of items to inappropriate things. If you are caught iteming an inappropriately named item and are told to change it, DO IT. If you chose to not change the name and continue iteming it your item may be removed. HACKING - Any mod, that gives you an unfair advantage such as the ability to lock onto a target or fly away during PvP is strictly forbidden. - Mods that allow you to see the durability left on your item or show a mini-map serve no advantage and are NOT punishable. - If you are caught with hacks, you will be BANNED for 7 days firstly. - If you are caught AGAIN you will be BANNED for 30 days. - If you decide to be smart and hack for a 3rd time, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED. Admitting to hacks is not taken lightly in chat. You will be warned to not joke about this matter or remove these hacks. Should you be caught 'admitting' to hacks again you will be dealt with a 4 hour temporary BAN. ADVERTISING SOCIAL MEDIA: Advertising includes posting YouTube or Twitch names or any links in chat. You may not say your YouTube channel name or ANY YouTubers name in chat other than Ali A. You will be given an instant 1 hour mute SERVER NAME: - You are forbidden from mentioning any other Server Name that is not affiliated with AliaCraft in public chat. - Unless your friend/player asks to play on another server with you, this must be discussed in PRIVATE chat IF THEY ASK. - If you mention the name of another server, you will be warned before being dealt with a 1 hour mute. SERVER IP: - Advertising any other server other than AliaCraft in public chat is STRICTLY forbidden (ex. - You will NOT receive any warning if you post another Server's IP in public chat and be dealt with an instant 1 day mute. - Should you decide to advertise again, you will receive a PERMANENT MUTE. DEROGATORY REMARKS: - Any comment/remark used to shame, discriminate or used as an insult against people of certain sexual orientations, mental capacity or race will NOT be tolerated. FOR EXAMPLE: - Go kill the paki - You’re just a fgt playing a block game - Get your autistic self off the server - Stupid Jews - You will not be given ANY warning and will be dealt with an instant 4 hour mute. DISRESPECT TO STAFF All staff are extremely hardworking and any disrespect shown towards them will NOT be tolerated. - Telling a staff member to STFU may not be language but is extremely disrespectful. - Calling staff member disrespectful things such as 'stupid' or 'retarded' both fall under derogatory remarks and disrespect. - You will be warned first before being dealt with a 4 hour mute. DEATH THREATS/WISHES Any form of death threat or death wish is not tolerated. The severity of the threats will influence the punish time. - Statements such as 'kys' will result in an instant 3 hour mute. Should you choose to continue, you will be dealt with a longer mute. Repeat offenders may receive a PERMANENT mute. - Statements that are threatening family and are much more severe than 'kys' such as 'I will kill you and your family' will result in an instant 7 day mute. Repeat offenders may receive a PERMANENT mute. DDoS (Disributed Denial of Services) THREATS/ATTACKS There are 2 forms of DDOS threats that are NOT tolerated on the server under any circumstance. DDOS THREATS TO A PLAYER: - Threatening to DDOS a specific player or staff is not taken lightly and will result in an instant 6 hour mute that requires no warning. DDOS THREATS TO THE SERVER: - Threatening to DDOS the entire server is a severe crime and will result in an instant PERMANENT ban. DIVULGING OTHER PEOPLE’S PERSONAL INFORMATION - Privacy is a basic human right even in an online game. - If you are caught leaking or spreading/divulging anyone else’s personal information against their will (IRL names not included) will result in an instant 30d BAN FOR EXAMPLE: - Address - Date of Birth - Phone Number - Emails - Social Media Platforms ABUSING/EXPLOITING GLITCHES - If you find a glitch, it is your responsibility as a player to report this to any staff online! - If you are caught abusing a glitch you will be dealt with an instant 7 day temporary ban.
  9. Rules on prestige cells.

    Thread Closed - Question Answered + Issue Acknowledged
  10. z6p admits he has 3 cells

    Unfortunately, posting screenshots of him acknowledging this in chat is not enough proof nor can it do anything. Myself or Mitchka will need to go look for each of these cells before manually removing 2 of them. Nevertheless thank you for posting proof.
  11. bonjour

    I don't appreciate your attitude towards the new helpers. I'm well aware of the helpers I hired and am extremely satisfied with their activity and performance. As SIF said you can't have staff on 24/7, if there is an issue in chat, take a screenshot and send it to me either on here or even on Discord. It's extremely out of line to attack my staff just cos some people want to spam when no staff are on.
  12. Rules on prestige cells.

    I was informed that you had a cell on prison 1 AND 2, much to my surprise this was indeed true. It is no secret that you are NOT allowed to double up on cells. Furthermore I showed some graciousness and removed your cell on Prison 2 instead of 1. You don't need to be warned as the purpose of multiple prisons is to allow for every player to have 1 cell. I will definitely work on trying to make these rules more vocal either in /help, at /warp cafe and in holograms so thank you for the feedback @MrWarHawkk
  13. can i get unbanned

    There are a couple things wrong with these 'appeal' Firstly, you were not banned for trolling, you were banned for hacking the 3rd time. That is a perm ban. @ManuJalaf can speak to you.
  14. Homophobic remarks

    Thanks for proof, player dealt with
  15. Small little change

    In terms of selling fish, you can do that at /warp shop or /warp cafe