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  1. Hello there, unfortunately you need to have solid proof such as a screenshot of this player (name needed as well) for any action to be taken.
  2. Taking a look at your history, you should've already been perm banned for hacking TWICE, your first ban should be a strong warning, choosing to hack again is your own fault. @HeyBabe has stated that your appeal has been DENIED for this reason. Thread Closed
  3. If you get banned on one server, you're banned server wide, what would the point be in only banning you on one server?
  4. @HeyBabe can you have a look at this please?
  5. @Crisi NYUU despite them being weird, i'll definitely miss our 'talks' on TS hehe
  6. I'm not sure if you even read or absorbed anything that Phoenix said. Don't ever go telling staff to 'do their job', that is the most disrespectful declarative you could ever use. The only reason the hacker on prison wasn't recorded from above is because WE CAN'T FLY. Secondly if you aren't allowed to swear in public chat, why do you think it's ok to do that on a public YT video that you then proceed to post on forums. Finally, every single ban goes through multiple different hands and perspectives, if we can't pinpoint if it's a ban then we take it to a higher up and they help out. We don't just ban cos we think they're hacking that is ridiculous. Stop with your immaturity. THREAD CLOSED
  7. Thread Closed - Question Answered (it's Mojang)
  8. Thread Closed - Question Answered
  9. I have checked your history and you have been unbanned the punishment was changed to a mute. I believe this issue has been resolved and I'll be locking it for now.
  10. Wow I'm as quiet as a mouse.
  11. @JakoTheSheep can you have a look at this please.
  12. It is possible that your faction was overtaken by a rival group.
  13. Items and kits that you win from vote crates cannot be replaced from my memory. @HeyBabe and @ItsKenneth can you confirm?
  14. @Phoenix_Magik Can you have a look and respond please?
  15. Appeal DENIED - stop making threads