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  1. Staff members have personal lives and are busy. You can't expect them to always be online on both forums and TS to see and deal with your appeal whenever you want. You need to be patient.
  2. I've asked other staff about this topic. I've been informed that your appeal was denied. Therefore this thread is irrelevant as you have been told by a Sr Admin that you will remain banned. Thread Closed
  3. You did indeed say that this isn't a ban appeal. However saying that staff don't know what they are doing and providing the wrong info won't get you what you want. Saying that you don't hack also isn't enough proof for you to be unbanned.
  4. In terms of the player mentioning another server name in public chat, it would only be a warning first before a mute follows
  5. Firstly, you were banned on kitpvp by @HeyBabe, why are you tagging AOF? On the other hand, in an earlier appeal you claimed that you were banned by @FPS_Skilled. Secondly in your appeal thread for a kitpvp unban, @ActualGS has already said that your appeal was dealt with on TS and closed the thread. If your appeal was denied by a Sr Admin, that is the final decision. There is NO need for you to make another thread asking why you are still banned if you have already been notified of a denied appeal.
  6. As @MrWarHawkk already said in your appeal, that 'mod' gave you an unfair advantage over other players. For us that classifies as a hack , for example you could've flown away during PVP and that's unfair to everyone else
  7. When you open your minecraft, go to multiplayer and type in our IP: mc.aliacraft.net, from there right click the compass and join any of our servers
  8. I have checked your plot and have not seen enough evidence that the player griefed. Thread Closed
  9. No he has a little water pool farm that keeps him moving in a circle
  10. I will come online to see who placed the sign now. UPDATE: I came online to ask you to show me the sign but you were afk farming
  11. Firstly asking for a reset rank is not an easy task and we do not do personal resets. While it was wonderful that you and your friend want to play together you could've easily ranked up to E and joined him to start recording. The first few ranks do not take very long to reach. Finally if @Mitchka said to you that she would NOT reset your rank that is final, if you continue asking after an answer was given it becomes frustrating and that is why you were punished.
  12. Thread closed - There is no need to be arguing on forums
  13. @Lieutenant_Rylan at this point in time we cannot provide much information on what is happening with prison as this is still in discussion. The entire prison team and higher ups are doing their best to try and fix this issue. For now all we ask of you is to just be patient and let things flow Hopefully prison will be up and running soon.
  14. There is no need for that type of disrespect @Eastwards, @Mitchka was simply stating a fact.
  15. Probably a tag, to be fair I'm not 100% sure as this rank hasn't been distributed a lot.