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  1. Player dealt with - Thread Closed
  2. Thanks for posting proof bud
  3. I believe that the question/issue has been resolved so I'm going to close this thread
  4. Thank you for your suggestion @JakoTheSheep what are your thoughts?
  5. Thread Closed - Issue Resolved
  6. It would be an instant mute depending on the severity of the racism, this screenshot does not show any severe racism.
  7. Thank you for posting proof, however I do not see any signs of any severe racism. Furthermore please refrain from calling other players bad names even if you believe they are breaking rules.
  8. Thread Closed - Player Banned
  9. Thank you @Crisi. Thread Closed - Issue Resolved
  10. From my memory scamming is allowed on many servers, factions being one of them. Because of this your money/items cannot be replaced Please correct me if I'm wrong @Mikeyqwerty
  11. Words can't express my sadness right now. While I wish I could cling on to you legs and not let you leave the prison door I know you will be amazing things in this world. Thank you so much for everything you have done and becoming basically a brother to me. Don't be running away in skype ❤️
  12. oh @Gamma123 and @WildCookieCat already know
  13. By me
  14. @HeyBabe and @ActualGS can you have a look at this please?
  15. JadeBAE or RosyWife