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  1. NOTE: You CANNOT appeal a ban under 14 days.
  2. Anything in the neighbourhood of a racist remarks is a mute. Furthermore you cannot appeal a mute. @Mitchka has already answered your questions therefore. Thread Closed
  3. @ItsNotUltimo is 100% correct, your pick shows no signs of having any enchant similar to wither veins which would allow for mining like that. Your appeal has been denied and the ban will remain. Thread Closed
  4. Thread Closed - Proper Appeal made on a separate thread.
  5. TS

    Hi there and welcome back Yes the teamspeak address is still
  6. @Sharpeyy that paragraph was longer than some of my uni/college lectures
  7. Thread Closed - Question Answered
  8. Thank you for your opinion. The loophole with cross server scamming and how I deal with it is where the FINAL trade takes place. Given that certain servers I.e prison + factions allow scamming whereas servers such as skyblock do not, there is a slight complication. If you got scammed on skyblock then yes that is an issue. However if you get scammed on prison, nothing can be done. Does that kind of make sense?
  9. Finally you are mine 'Insane' rank hehehe ^o^

  10. GG to the winner
  11. I'm assuming that the jail time has passed so I'm going to lock this thread
  12. Thread Closed - Issue Resolved
  13. All you have to do is breath and you already 'talk' more than SIF
  14. Nyuuu! Pls have mercy on me @SIF11