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  1. 2.0

    All im going to say is that im sure you wont be disappointed with the reset coming soon, im sure the staff team have been working extremely hard on this as its been months and months since the first announcement. only thing i hope this time around is that the staff and operators will listen to the community on what they want to make the server more fun within reason ofc
  2. Giveaway!

  3. made some small improvements
  4. @Dooley_labs @Ben @Mitchka @LadyRosyG @Ollieed
  5. AirJuan

    Why is it posted on here?
  6. Hi, Im Seth!

    Shh noob
  7. Hi, Im Seth!

    Welcome Back Seth! Im happy you like Chaos prison and classic prison
  8. I'm Mitchka

    Damn 90years of Being Staff