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  1. please answers my question

    minecraft -> singleplayer > minecraft -> multiplayer -> add server type in mc.aliacraft.net

    IGN of alts? I'll play with you. Oh and your current IP addresses as well.
  3. Survival V7 Reset!

    As you all know I am a highly respected player and have always supported this server since the start, never having anything negative to say about it. but wtf th3re 4re 18 p14yers 0nline like lm40 4nd y0u guys 4re g0ing to r3s3t it.
  4. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    What about Dynamic IP's? Can big boy Dooley find a way around of that as well?
  5. Bye have a good time!

    Uh Wait, don't just leave. Add me on Discord before. I sent you a request. Eastwards#6989 iChill also wanted to give you an alt a while ago, if you still want it pm me. "On my zebra" Peace Habibi. You shall be forever missed.
  6. Just wondering

    You probably tried to tp to someone or your tp request got accepted when you were in the duel.
  7. Kitpvp

    Isn't 2 weeks enough to "look into" koth being broken?
  8. Kitpvp

    Going to that private school is really paying off. I can see the results in your grammar.
  9. Ban evading...

    Dream on
  10. Trolling staff.

    @TheRealEmbty Accept my request on discord please. biig fannn
  11. Want to become staff

    He's just testing it.
  12. Damn, I thought you were 8 right now
  13. muted

    Pretty sure it's not his fault. Maybe 61ms could try and read properly next time.
  14. into the void

    Just buy the next rank to get access to your gear. Easy.
  15. Factions Reset?

    "Soon" according to Ben. I'm guessing anywhere from 1-3 weeks. The purge is always pretty lit.