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  1. Ruby rank proof for the reboot

    Also, i still have that signature thing under my profile on here i see, i have no clue how to get rid of it or how i even did it before sooo if someone could help with that, that'd be great, thanks
  2. Ruby rank proof for the reboot

    As the title says, Just me showin proof of my rank. Nothin else. I'm excited for this reboot, let's hope all goes well
  3. AMAZING Christmas Giveaway!

    Good luck everyone (I'm not entering)
  4. IDEA

    Hello, thanks for the idea. I'm not too sure on how that would be added, i would not say it is something needed. but not a bad idea. @LadyRosyG Your thoughts?
  5. Liamswin01 Ban?

    @Sheepyy what is your fov at? cause that looks like what the issue is imo
  6. what enchantment is this

    That will more than likely be mending, i've seen that a lot
  7. Ruby ranks should get every rank?!

    Ah would be spammed with kits if we did that. but, not a bad idea imo, thanks for sharing
  8. any staff a have a request

    There is no use for this tbh, and it would just spam AH as far as i know it will not be added to this prison. @Mitchka Can tell you better than i can
  9. Prison Christmas Giveaway!!

    oooo. i like giveaways . I'm not entering, but i wanted to help thus i gave 1mill cash .Good luck all
  10. Thanksgiving Giveaway

    Good luck everyone, Thanks for doin this i love seeing giveaways (I'm not entering)
  11. Love you Pig_panther

    RIP Pig_Panther ;-;
  12. Prison Giveaway (Leather Rank)

    I love seeing people do this, thank ya very much, good luck to all who enter
  13. Money Strategies

    This is a very very nice post. Nice job sheep
  14. It's been good...

    Hope things work out for ya man, you will indeed be missed, thank you for all the work you've done...
  15. Thank you EVERYONE!

    Damn, i wish you nothing but the best in life, thank you for all your hard work on the server. hope to see you around from time to time, you will be missed bro... Rip Ben 2k17