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  1. This server is unfair

    Because you became toxic afterwards.
  2. Community Meeting

    Meeting rules Be respectful - no speaking over someone allow people to talk Only ask serious questions and do not troll only ask questions or comment pertaining to the topics discussed If you join the meeting late please wait until the end for a recap of the meeting. Swearing, disrespect, constant arguing, or being rude will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the meeting. OPs topics possibly to be covered: Server updates what’s being worked on What’s been fixed, added, removed, and why What’s being looked at new plugins, bug fixes, Updates on staff interviews for servers, Announce player choice winners (staff and player who voted) Player response Q & A, suggestions, comments, This will be held Sunday May 6th at 8:30 p.m GMT, 3:30 EST, 2:30 CST. Please Google for any other timezone on our Discord. This is for all players to attend just join the designated room and follow the rules.
  3. New Hub Game Idea

    No not arcade type games but ones like hide and seek or finding skulls.
  4. May Updates

    We are excited to bring you a few NEW features to the network and forum. We will have weekly or bi-weekly posts from the servers with their favorite claims, islands and Koth winners and top faction. We also hope to have monthly community meetings which will be held on our Discord (more info coming soon). There are currently no servers looking for staff, but keep your eyes out for any new updates. We also want to welcome our new SysAdmin DJ_Arghlex. He's doing a great job! You can usually find him on Discord so join him for a chat and get to know him. Hub games are going well. We have had several games with some nice rewards you all seem to like, if you have an idea for a game, post in General Discussion and we will see what we can do.
  5. Some quick ideas :D

    I can add another warp for DRA and possibly do the other warps for pres. there is currently only 1 working mine, the others have been blocked off. Thanks for the suggestions. @LadyRosyG your thoughts?
  6. Server News

    We regret to inform you we will be closing Creative and KitPVP. We know many of you will miss these servers. If you had a donor rank on either of these server we appreciate the donation and unfortunately are unable to transfer them to another server. KitPVP has already closed and Creative will close it the end of the month. Thank you for your time on the servers.

    @Fletch1 I just had to put that out there in case players didn’t know. Like I said I hated to do it but it’s part of my job to make sure people know these things.

    I really hate to be the one to do this because we always encourage fun activities for all players, but we do not encourage players buying ranks and perks for other players. This is just as a precaution because of chargebacks. I'm not saying that this will happen but in the event it does, you can and will get banned. Please make sure you read the BuyCraft terms and conditions before entering and are fully aware of the consequences if a chargeback is initiated. We prefer giveaways of items that are obtained in game, such as, kits, money, materials that are harder for lower rank players to access. That being said good luck to all who enter!
  9. Ranks

    Had this been posted in the proper section - Donations Issues - I would have responded sooner. Do you have what you need now?
  10. screenies

    If you got the rank on buycraft then i can look it up. You only need proof if you won it.
  11. Koth keys broken.

    already replaced the key but @Mr_DrkAngel or @SIF11 will know more.
  12. Something to think about.

    I already have this as a suggestion to the other Ops. But seeing that players are suggesting it as well I see it will actually get a response. Thanks for the idea all the same!
  13. Clue Scroll!

    They are not supposed to be in the envoy. Sorry for the incorrect item.
  14. Getting my rank back

    can you find a screenshot of which one because some have changed
  15. Getting my rank back

    resent and nothing on BC for edollie