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  1. CrayonBoxx's appeal

    You have been unbanned. Please take this Second chance seriously.
  2. CrayonBoxx's appeal

    You were warned about getting toxic and yet chose to do what you did. I can and have forgiven you for those actions, but the trust that this will not happen again is not there yet. I think a reduced time may be in order so you can have a second chance to prove yourself. But I will not make a full decision as of right now.
  3. Ban appeal

    If you read our rules giving personal information is first a 30d ban then a permanent one. You gave personal information several times and therefore you get a permanent ban. Appeal Denied Thread Closed
  4. I got 30 day false ban

    I have already spoken to him and said to make a proper appeal. However this is up to SIlent since he is the one who banned. MIght I add reading all of the instructions is a bit helpful.
  5. My Chain Rank

    i believe it has.
  6. Guide Rank?

    I’ve already mentioned this idea several months ago to the other OPs
  7. Non stop error

    You can also try doing this
  8. Skillzzz_ (IGN rn = Ollie_De_Lueeew)

    I will unban you since you have changed your IGN. But you have quite a bad history so you will not be given another chance to prove you have changed. Appel Accepted Thread Closed
  9. Tjb ban appeal

    Sarcasm in an appeal is not appreciated. The ban will stay since it is only a 24 hour ban.
  10. GoodReputations Ban

    lol you think "proof" from another server is good enough? They can be turned off. You were setting off the anti cheat constantly. The ban stays. Appeal Denied Thread Closed
  11. keys

    Did you get them from voting or from a player? If you got them from a player or /ah then you were probably scammed and we do not replace items or money from scamming.
  12. Potforme banned

    Your ban will be accepted since KJ is no longer staff. Please learn to spell and use proper grammar in an appeal. Also, read the full appeal process since each line of the form is explained.
  13. KOTH proof of VICTORYYY

    You can get your head on there once.
  14. Kicked whilst in PVP

    I had told _ogz Several minutes earlier and at the time nearly everyone was just trolling staff and i had had enough of it. Too many times I get asked the same question by team members just thinking they are being funny by constantly asking me and staff the same questions . I had no idea where you were. Ill replace some of the gear but not all.