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  1. Factions Update and Feature Request Log

    Report post Posted 1 hour ago (edited) Hello There AliACraft PEOPLEE So Basically I Just Want to Post A Topic Of Me Sharing Ideas to the new FACTIONS sooo firstl lets get started with 1.Duels So i prefer to add duels on factions to make it more fun..becuase i know the more pvp there is the more players will enjoy it yet as an example if rivals want to 1v1 each other they should just simply 1v1 with duels if players don't want to lose stuff, they could just 1v1 2.Bosses And with the 2nd idea i am suggesting to add bosses I Remember Mikeyqwerty (maybe his ign) a guy that used to be a headadmin factions added a boss where its minions were protecting it i believe yet after he left u guys stopped adding bosses so i suggest to bring him back with amazing prizes as well when he get defeated 3.Bounties In the 3rd idea i suggest to add bounties.. each player kills a mob,player animals gets money just like the one in survival especially while grinding, instead of going to shop and all the items from the mobs u can get automatically while killing them i think this plugin will encourage players to hunt for money 4.Custom Enchants So adding custom enchants will make factions more interesting in pvp,mining and more its really fun to add custom enchants in factions it helps them a lot in mining which helps to upgrade the faction in pvp helps them to attack or defense custom enchants often attracts players to play more 5.Koth (factions edition) So factions is most likely a pvp game but with teams to protect and attack.. but if players might get bored on factions as an example you guys should add more than one KOTH on factions for example add 2 or 3 koths factions might get boring when you finish your base or everything is under control on your team so players can enjoy on koths I Know you might say it makes factions too op but factions need to have more pvp on it to make it more fun.. So Dear AliaCraft Staff And Players This My Suggestions and ideas to add on the new factions i tried my best researching, yet i have more to say but i think it might makes factions too op If any of you staff want more ideas i can share Enjoy All IGN: GoodReputation
  2. KitPvP Christmas Giveaway

    Hello IGN : GoodReputation I Have Joined all Giveaways here and hoping this would be my chance I Really Love Kitpvp and I Often Enjoy it I really Wanna Have a Rank On Kitpvp as a player on it because of the pvs and ho2 much im stacked ;-; However Yeah Here i am Hoping to win but its not only because of the pvs i think i would get more active on this server by me having a donor rank which seems more fun I Always Support This Server And Will Always Love it I Always Used to tell dad to buy me 1 who days no sadly.. So this would be my chance as i said.. Good Luck All for the Giveaway