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    I dont have my Aphrodite Rank and Heres a picture of me with it
  2. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    Hey Jako, I was talking to ActualGS and he said we could be lower than 13 like Demayell is 12 if we are mature enough, I am pretty sure I asked him about being mature enough and he said maybe or yes Cant remember even though anyway, I am like very close to 12 really not that long so Can I still apply depending on how mature I am? Thanks, Shabac
  3. Hey Jako Long time no see I see your on ts Hi haha... Im Shabac if you dont remember meh

  4. Staff

    Hello, I felt that some staff that have worked more than enough always on the lookout for hackers etc... should get some credit including Mitchka she is always doing a bunch of work for the server Epichockey He is a very nice mod and Demayell is a very good Helper doing her job correctly these are just some of the few people doing very good but I thought these 3 should deserve some credit.... and the operators they have done a lot of work with lag etc.
  5. Spawners

    I Understand there have been a lot of questions about spawners on the Survival Server on who can break them I have got the question a lot so Staff can answer it but here it is A Donor can Destroy a spawner with silk touch Hope this helps
  6. @JakotheSheep Hello Jako If you have any time to get on teamspeak so I can talk to you that would be great! I understand you are busy with school which I completely understand and I will be off for the next week (Spring Break) So any time would be great Thanks -Shabac