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  1. The resignation of soft and sharpey

    Hey there all, you may already know of this but I wanted to say, this goes out there to both sharpey and soft. I wanted to say this, especially to soft and sharp because I don't think you guys saw what I said earlier... Id like to say again, Ik this is a bit late! but I needed to say, this is a sad time, such a shame we lost another two great staff members, you guys were both my good friends and there for me whenever I needed aid on the server helping the best you can. ;( Ill also say again I wish you both the best of everything. YOU WILL BOTH BE MISSED & NEVER FORGET THAT... It really does sadden me to know you both have left but we will never forget you!!! #RIPSOFTUNICORNPUPPY #RIPSHARPEYY ;'''((((((((((((((( Much love to both of you! ~Blaze
  2. Give Away/Drop Party!

    Hey all, Im doing a christmas Giveaway/drop party on the 24th December (CHRISTMAS EVE) The Give away/drop party will be happening at 6PM GMT and 1PM EST THESE ARE THE PRIZES TO BE WON! Rank: Leather (x1) ---------------------- Rare items: Shiny (x1) Unclaim (x1) Here's your NICK-el (x1) Water you going to do with this? (x1) OP (x1) Let's Build a SnowMan (x1) Rudolph's Reins (x1) Rudolph's Magical Carrot (x1) Rudolph's Poop (x1) Map to Santa's House (x1) Cookies for Santa (x1) Milk for Santa (x1) FrightenedNinjas Air Jordans (x1) #2k17 AliA Hype (x1) ew it's a booger (x1) Big Spider Web EEEEW (x1) 100% My Type On Paper (x1) Diamond HYPE (x1) Prison III: The Grand Opening (x1) Mitchkas Uggies V3.0 (x1) I SURVIVED THE SOFT RESET OF PRISON 2K17 (x1) ---------------------- Tags: Loyal Voter (x1) AliA-Army (x1) ---------------------- Blocks: Diamond Blocks (x320)-(5 Stacks) Emerald Blocks (x320)-(5 stacks) ---------------------- Kits: One off kit: Emerald (x1) One off kit: Ruby (x1) AliA Army (Full set of armour) (x1) ---------------------- Money: 1.5 Mill Winner (get obsidian block to win 1.5 million) (x1) ---------------------- Other: 128 OP Golden Apples (2 stacks) (x1) Vote Keys (x6) ---------------------- Thats everything!!! I really do hope you attend and I do wish all of you the best of luck if you do so! I would like to Give a MASSIVE thank you to my boi @Diamond_762 for helping! PS. BLAZE
  3. Love you Pig_panther

    Hey all, for those who are unsure Pig_panther has now resigned from being staff. He quit by choice and he wast demoted... Pig_panther is a extremely good friend of mine and its kinda heart breaking he made his decision, many of you may agree but he had his reasons and I support his choice 100% Its just such as shame because he would make a better staff than me any day.. he generally was a better staff NO LIE. SO lets cherish this tragic decision and may the great Pig_panther rest in piece ILY Pig