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  1. Server News

    long live the memories tho!
  2. lol hi this is my feed boizz

  3. becoming admin?

    We wont be holding interviews for a while yet! We have quite a few new Guides as Slimer said. However, the next Guide interviews will be announced in game, on forums, on teamspeak and on twitter!! The staff ranks are as follows: Guide Mod Admin You will be promoted to Mod and then Admin if you are seen doing a good job on the server. Thread Closed
  4. SkyBlock Drop Party!

    Hello fellow SkyBlockers, So, it is the miserable time of year when everyone is stuck in there house playing on their PC rather than getting outside because its too wet! That's right UK people know the feeling ! Its APRIL SHOWERS!! So for me, April showers is the kind of opportunity i take to give something to you guys and girls out there playing SkyBlock. Therefore i have decided to do a drop party!! The contents of this drop party would include things like: 20 XP level bottles! /fix perk! 2 rare crate keys 2 legendary crate keys 1 exotic crate key And much more including a few types of different blocks to boost the island levels! This drop party will take place at 4.30pm BST on Sunday 29th April 2018 at /warp magik!! (Convert timezones via google!). Dont forget to tell your friends as well to be in with a chance of winning plenty of items on SkyBlock!! If you are taking part make sure to leave a like on this forums post, and dont forget to tell your friends / family!!! Look forward to seeing you there!

    I am not entering, just thought i should say good luck to everyone!
  6. Xoless Ban Appeal

    @T4yl0r ^
  7. Competition :D 150k Prize!! Build Comp!!

    Good luck to all entering!
  8. Who won the giveaway...?

    1. XDav1d


      For prison @Nwfy?

    2. Nwfy
    3. XDav1d


      Its on the forums / should be. Soz for the late reply

  9. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    @Fletch1, Not everyone makes the staff team the first time. If you can proove yourself as a player, that would be nice. That said, if you think what you are in at the moment is a "Vulgar stretch" then you could have got yourself out of it in order to prove yourself to the rest of the staff team. However, everyone is allowed to apply and deserves an equal chance. If you say you have changed, we would like to see the changed Fletch. I would still try out for staff, because everyone deserves an equal chance. Unless @Phoenix_Magik says otherwise i believe this is what i was told
  10. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    Good luck to all interviewing! Remember to be yourself. We all look forward to welcoming you onto the team
  11. Proof to itWrench Hacks

    This is not sufficient proof for a hacker. Thank you for attempting to report, but in this instance staff cannot do anything Thread Closed
  12. just a random post

    If you have a suggestion, post it in the #suggestions channel of the AliACraft discord. This would then be read by an OP Just type discord.aliacraft.net into your web browser. Thank you for the suggestion Thread Closed
  13. Dont ask how

    Im not sure why that is on top of Sapphire, but there we go. If you do end up on top of Sapphire you should really just /warp and go back down as you are not supposed to be there anyways. Thread Closed
  14. Giveaway!

    Hello Prisoners, I bet its not very often you see me doing a giveaway on the Prison section of the network. I have decided to commence my giveaways with a small money giveaway to a few lucky winners on Prison!! What do you have to do? You will have to leave your IGN in a reply to this forum post, and like this post! What are the prizes? 1st Prize - 500k Money and 128 diamond blocks! 2nd Prize - 250k Money and 64 diamond blocks! 3rd Prize - 125k Money and 32 Diamond Blocks! Please note you may only ender 1 player on the forums in this giveaway! Please refrain from entering your friends as they can make a forums account and enter themselves! I am happy to assist with any issues you may have with the forums and the process of making accounts if needed. That said, you may just want to enter yourself. This is if you want to enter the giveaway yourself. GIVEAWAY WILL BE DRAWN AT 7PM GMT on Saturday 7th April!
  15. Give Away

    IGN: XDav1d Good luck to all entering