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  1. Staff appreciation.

    Thank you PapaLewis, there is a few more changes including one that we are getting all the staff to help with. Keep your eyes peeled folks!
  2. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    IGN: XDav1d Good luck to all!
  3. Hello AliACraft, Some of you may or may not be aware that there will be a Kahoot night! This kahoot will be about the AliACraft server and maybe some general knowledge!! Make sure you get revising! 😊 This Kahoot will take place on 21st July 2018 at 3.30PM UK time! And we will send the link on the day. (The link will go around on the day). This will be a chance for you / your team to show off your knowledge of the server. And there will be a $10 BuyCraft coupon for the winner. Good Luck to everyone, if you need any more details please let me know! XDav1d
  4. The resignation of soft and sharpey

    Both of you will be missed
  5. Competition

    Hello Skyblockers! On mine and Gamma's return to the staff team, we will hosting a competition in which you can choose what to build, we shall give you 2 options! Now you are probably asking, what are these themes? You will be building big skin models of myself OR Gamma - If you build XDav1d you will have Gamma123 judging the build! - If you build Gamma123 you will have XDav1d judging the build! What will happen if you win? If you win you will get the prizes listed below! 2 People will be picked from each category to go through to a head to head final! We compare the skins of BOTH people and then we crown the overall winner! Prizes: Overall winner - 400k in game + 64 diamond blocks and a custom winners item. Finalist - 250k in game + 32 diamond blocks How do we know you are entering? If you are entering this awesome comp, please leave a like on this post and comment down below your IGN! Deadline: The deadline will be 30th June 2018! And we will probably announce winners 5th July 2018! Good Luck to you all and may the odds be in your favour!
  6. ----- The line ends here.

    Same Matt. I feel exactly the same way. All of this was avoidable yet they chose to do it in that way. Im sorry but if something doesnt go your way you dont just tell us "Sorry, it didnt go the way we hoped". I feel like they expected us to not even create one single bit. BS Absolute BS. And i mean i respect each and every one of them as a person i really do. I am not going toxic but as a player i should still be heard. And that is the problem none of the players feel heard what so ever.
  7. Server News

    long live the memories tho!
  8. lol hi this is my feed boizz

  9. becoming admin?

    We wont be holding interviews for a while yet! We have quite a few new Guides as Slimer said. However, the next Guide interviews will be announced in game, on forums, on teamspeak and on twitter!! The staff ranks are as follows: Guide Mod Admin You will be promoted to Mod and then Admin if you are seen doing a good job on the server. Thread Closed

    I am not entering, just thought i should say good luck to everyone!
  11. Competition :D 150k Prize!! Build Comp!!

    Good luck to all entering!
  12. Who won the giveaway...?

    1. XDav1d
    2. Nwfy
    3. XDav1d


      Its on the forums / should be. Soz for the late reply

  13. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    @Fletch1, Not everyone makes the staff team the first time. If you can proove yourself as a player, that would be nice. That said, if you think what you are in at the moment is a "Vulgar stretch" then you could have got yourself out of it in order to prove yourself to the rest of the staff team. However, everyone is allowed to apply and deserves an equal chance. If you say you have changed, we would like to see the changed Fletch. I would still try out for staff, because everyone deserves an equal chance. Unless @Phoenix_Magik says otherwise i believe this is what i was told
  14. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    Good luck to all interviewing! Remember to be yourself. We all look forward to welcoming you onto the team
  15. Proof to itWrench Hacks

    This is not sufficient proof for a hacker. Thank you for attempting to report, but in this instance staff cannot do anything Thread Closed