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  1. Creative 3.0 Suggestions!

    I feel like the system we have at the moment is fine, however the DATS system does have a couple flaws, and is sorta biased towards certain styles (But I'm not gonna go too much into that, we've got Zara's thread for that). The only thing I would change is the plots around spawn, they either need to be filled up with promotable builds as quickly as we can get them done, or not have them, that space around the spawn makes the server feel a bit empty at first, having all those plots filled in like they were in 2.0 with a tutorial area as well makes it fell like a much more active server, and a bit more welcoming in my opinion.
  2. Can we have a moment to take in how good your plot looks with shaders...


  3. Morvir name change

    For those who haven't seen me in-game recently, I have changed my name from Morvir to DdraigAur. DdraigAur is a shortened version of Y Ddraig Aur, meaning 'The Golden Dragon' in Welsh. I got bored of my old name so wanted a bit of a change. I hope this name change does effect the whole forum name needs to be the in-game name, because I can't find a way to change by forum name. -Alex
  4. Creative Down?

    Sorry to be that guy, but I was just wondering what is the Creative situation? It says there are people on, so I'm guessing they're all staff; so are you all flying around clearing plots that haven't been touched in months to clear some of the lag? Or is it something bigger than that?
  5. Unlimited Power!

    Logged on this morning at 11:45 and low and behold, I'm the only one about. Let the w/e fun ensue! -Alex
  6. Unlimited Power!

    What do you even do on skyblock?
  7. After the last proxy restart, I went to type something in the hub, about 20-30 seconds later, it posted. So I glanced up to check my ping. And I saw this:
  8. Unlimited Power!

    David just came on now, it's just been new people joining and leaving before I could say welcome
  9. Unlimited Power!

    I suppose the end of the school break has made everyone a lot busier..
  10. Unlimited Power!

    Well, it's now 3:25 and it is still quiet. Had TheeKopJee and Cynqzz on for like 2 minutes....
  11. Aye Up!

    Hello! My in game name is Morvir, I am primarily a Creative builder and am at Apprentice level. My previous in game name was GingerNinja64, so if you remember that name, come say Hi!
  12. Aye Up!

    I have been playing it a little bit, at I level now. @Legendary_v1