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  1. Bargain??

    Hello staff, especially @HeyBabe and @ActualGS, As you know my younger brother ACHBAN aka: Menacinq got permanently banned for hacking on a second offense. I understand that Heybabe made the statement in his own words "The ban will stay" i understand his reasoning. Now the title of this appeal is Bargain. I want to ask the permission of @ActualGS to unbann my brother for 10 minutes or how ever long it takes for him to give me his ranks. He gave me the authority to use his account and give me the ranks. I also bought the ranks with my own money, and as the brother I think I deserve to rightfully take those ranks back because I payed for it and my brother gave me the authorization to do this and make this post. I have his account password and he can even say it himself if you don't believe me. So I understand that he is permanently banned and that will stay but I am requesting @HeyBabe and @ActualGS for the chance to unbann him for a couple of minutes in order to give me all his ranks for my use on kitpvp. After I do this which will take a couple of minutes I will gladly let you rebann my brothers account permanently for hacking. The ranks are; Beast, Enderking, and Christmas 2k16. Thank you you for taking the time for reading this, Old IGN: SAMKD35MVP or as ActualGS knows me IGN: ABIHAIL. Also just asking ACTUALGS if I will be able to get that 300$ that didn't go through
  2. Lost perk/rank on kitpvp

    If the ranks don't send through @Mitchka I'll, be on at 3:45pm Los Angeles time and you can give them to me then
  3. Lost perk/rank on kitpvp

    Thank you @Mitchka shoutout to you fam!!! Question, will I be getting both ranks back : Beast Enderking
  4. Lost perk/rank on kitpvp

    Hey @Ben, I saw your post about people losing their ranks and perks and I happen to be one of those few people who have lost their ranks on kitpvp. The ranks are Beast and Enderking. Beast I purchased, and enderking I redeemed from a paper that I found on the floor a year ago. There is proof I'm a rank because you can check that I have a personal vault with armor that I can't get into because I'm not a rank. Please help thanks! Sincerly, @SAMKD35MVP
  5. Staff please notice

    Hello everyone I just wanted to notify everyone I applied for staff, @premier4 wish you good luck may the best helper win XD. I hope everyone else tries to apply and good luck to anyone else who applied but I really wanted to make a post because I still haven't gotten my second rank back aka: Enderking. I know I had made an earlier post about this, staff please don't give me a warning for spamming! But anyways I saw @DJCoolguy3289 lightning down from the sky on my brother and afterward my brother said that I had lost my rank and he said I am working on it, so I just wanted to notify @Ben because earlier today he made a post that said, "Please notify me if you lost any perks." And I'm doing because recently I lost enderking and wanted to know when I would get it back. Thank you for regarding my message. @SAMKD35MVP Please don't ask me why I tag myself its just a thing .
  6. When are the next interviews

    Hello everyone!, Everyone keeps telling me that I should be staff on kitpvp. I think that I should be staff too! Honestly I am on always when 10 hackers are on. I'm tired of hackers making me pay them to team or killing me with an unfair advantage/cheat. I think that I should be staff so I could help reduce the amount of hackers on your server. I could help identify hackers and help out with other people on the server. Current staff just sit there afk and when I tell them about hackers they say I can't do anything. I want to do something and I want aliacraft to be a big server again. A lot of people have ,eat the server because of hackers and lag-outs, for example( @GlareOG). I want to help out the server and I hope there are interviews shortly. I think a lot of people think I could be a great staff member and I also think I could too. Hopefully I will get both of my ranks back and will get a position on the staff. Hope all of you well! Thank all of you for your support! @SAMKD35MVP
  7. Lost to ranks on kit from lag-out

    Dear staff, I was playing aliacraft and there was a huge lag and after I relogged, I lost both of my ranks and I died. I lost my access to my personal vault with all my good stuff and I hope I will be able to restore it. @Sweatypalmz knew that I had many god sets and many fire axes in my vault. @ItsKenneth I hope you can help me or get an operator to help me restore both of my ranks; (Beast, Enderking), and to help me restore alll my amazing stuff that I used to have in my vault. I could really use some help @Ben, @DJCoolguy3289, or @Ollieed Thanks! @SAMKD35MVP
  8. Staff Application Form

    So how do I apply for staff if there is no form, when are interviews, and are interviews the only way @MrWarHawkk @LadyRosyG
  9. Staff Application Form

    Dear staff and amazing Aliacraft supporters, I remember reading a topic about a staff form on @ActualGS page to apply for staff on google form. If any of you would be kind enough to help me find that form make a new topic about that application copy it in to that topic that would be amazing. Wish me luck -SAMKD35MVP
  10. Capping Koth

    Who would like to help em cal koth and get half the loot please message if you see me online MY IGN:SAMKD35MVP I am enderking and east I am ranks so I am respected. Please remember if you are not good at pep don't bother to even message me.
  11. Dude can you check out my ban Appeal no rush just want to play aliacraft asap thanks


  12. image.jpg

    1. Ruxiri


      This is not a proper ban appeal and stop posting on my page about it.

  13. Dude Please help me I need the form for a proper Ban appeal because I got banned when there was a huge lag and it said hack client recorded 80strafe the mod

    1. Ruxiri


      Go to the Ban Appeal section and you should find the format in a thread. Copy it and paste it, then answer the questions.

    2. SAMKD35MVP


      Ok after that can you help me


    3. SAMKD35MVP


      Made the Appeal please as much time as you want to read it but notice I want to be playing aliacraft again asap Thx for the help