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  1. Competition

    Bonus round is building my skin for free [;
  2. ----- The line ends here.

    Matt ): you’ve been on the server as long as I can remember. I remember staying up all night just to talk to you and Chris and play on skyblock with you guys. You’re an amazing friend and I’m so sad that you’re leaving. Please stay in touch <3
  3. thought id bring this back (;

    Hello~ - my name is brizzy, (but not really) and i used to be a skyblock admin, but then i left for a year, and now im a mod (big oof.) - My birthday is on March 1st and justin bieber and i are birthday twins - i have two lovely kitties named molly and munchkin: - I love pineapple pizza, thunderstorms, baking, my cats, mint oreos, cinnabon cinnamon bun k-cups, the word "malarkey", sunflowers, and a good tomato soup. - I h a t e being late to things, crowds, marmite, running out of hot water when im taking a shower and im covered in bubbles and shampoo, yellow snow, and calling the pizza place when i want pizza. - I also draw and play guitar so thats fun - skyblock is also my server of choice (and its also the best one) - i also dye my hair all the time and its bad i know