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  1. mitchka muted me for a week and jailed me tell her to let me out and unmute me plz its unfair she is not enforcing the rules bc someone is spawn killing and I tried to tell one mod to stop it but he didn't plz answer me

  2. Survival V7 Rank Reloads

    Anyone who wishes to reclaim their rank from previous donations may now do so using the the rank reloads section of the AliACraft store! Ranks may be reloaded here: https://store.aliacraft.net/category/700540 Thanks, Jako.
  3. Survival V7 Reset!

    The much awaited Survival reset is here and here is a taste of the brand new features it packs! Familiar to some, all new to others; Survival V7 brings back the very first survival spawn which is sure to invoke nostalgia for those who remember it, and wonder for those who have not. That's not it for the new warps, though! Warp Staff and Warp PvP are among just some of the brand new warps in Survival V7! Not only that, the PvP mechanics have been tweaked and improved to provide you an even more responsive and enjoyable combat experience! One of the most significant changes with Survival V7 is the complete overhaul of the donation system! The once 12 ranks have been halved, with Ares, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon and Zeus being the remaining ranks in order from least expensive to very best. Don't worry, however, your ranks from previous donations will be restored with the most applicable rank to be given to you! Furthermore, just some of the new donor perks include a better-than-ever VIP area, pets, and trails! These are just some of the updates and tweaks we've made and we hope they wet your appetite to play on the latest rendition of survival! There's more features than we could possibly fit in this forums post, so hop on survival and experience the many other new features that are coming very soon!
  4. Unavailable for academic reasons until February 8th.

  5. Thank you EVERYONE!

    In the 3 and a half years I've spent on this server, there's been nothing in that time as constant and supportive as you have been. Before you were a fundamental part of the server and since, you've been so helpful and advising and the best of friends. I know how busy and hardworking you are at school and I know you'll do so well in your exams throughout the year and in the summer. Ever since you've been an operator, you've had such a huge part in everything in the server, and you've put so very much work whenever you have been able to. I have loved working alongside you over the years so much, and I know we'll stay in touch in the future. I'm not usually one for these cringey messages, but I thought it was appropriate in this case, and I couldn't mean it more. Thank you so much for everything, as an AliACraft Staff member, and as a friend.
  6. Goodbye

    Had some great times back in the day Hopefully I'll catch up with you again in the future
  7. Just wondering if there is going to be a discount on the store this Easter? Thanks, Magic_tabby

  8. CoinShop Items - 08/04/2017

    Saturday April 8th: Fairy Tales Diamond Axe - Lumberjack’s Axe Sharpness VII Unbreaking VI Fire Aspect V Looting V Diamond Chestplate - Prince’s Chestplate Protecion VII Unbreaking VI Fire Protection V Blast Protection V Projectile Protection V Apple - Wicked Witch's Apple Knockback IX Fire Aspect VII CoinShop will open tonight (08/04/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  9. CoinShop Items - 01/04/2017

    Saturday April 1st: April Fools Diamond Boots - Jester's Shoes Protection VII Unbreaking VI Fire Protection IV Projectile Protection IV Blast Protection IV Depth Strider VI Flower - Flower Water Squirter Knockback VIII Fire Aspect VI Fishing Rod - Jokers Rod Unbreaking VI Lure VI Luck of the Sea VI CoinShop will open tonight (01/04/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  10. CoinShop Items - 25/03/2017

    Saturday March 25th: Sports Diamond Chestplate - American Football Armour Protection VII Unbreaking VI Diamond Pickaxe - Hurling Paddle Efficiency VI Unbreaking VI Fortune III End rod - Flag Pole Knockback IX Fire Aspect V CoinShop will open tonight (25/03/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  11. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

  12. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    This isn't the place to discuss that, but what he is doing is allowed.
  13. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    Depending on whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system, you will have to download the respective version. It's highly likely you have a 64-bit system.
  14. Survival Helper Interviews - 24/3/2017

    No applications will be necessary. As far as teamspeak, you need to download it from here: http://teamspeak.com/downloads.html#client Once you have downloaded it, head to Connections> Connect and type voice.aliacraft.net into the "Server Address" box. Once you have connected to the AliACraft teamspeak, you will be verified and given any further assistance you may require. Thanks, Jako.