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  1. First of all, apologies for your wait for a response to this, I don't know why I wasn't alerted to it. I have gone through the proof extensively and having discussed it with @MyFinalHours I have come to the conclusion that you were not using any hacks in this instance. Your ban has now been lifted. Thanks, Jako.
  2. Original punishment was incorrect and was corrected immediately. Thanks, Jako.
  3. Had some great times back in the day Hopefully I'll catch up with you again in the future
  4. Just wondering if there is going to be a discount on the store this Easter? Thanks, Magic_tabby

  5. Saturday April 8th: Fairy Tales Diamond Axe - Lumberjack’s Axe Sharpness VII Unbreaking VI Fire Aspect V Looting V Diamond Chestplate - Prince’s Chestplate Protecion VII Unbreaking VI Fire Protection V Blast Protection V Projectile Protection V Apple - Wicked Witch's Apple Knockback IX Fire Aspect VII CoinShop will open tonight (08/04/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  6. Saturday April 1st: April Fools Diamond Boots - Jester's Shoes Protection VII Unbreaking VI Fire Protection IV Projectile Protection IV Blast Protection IV Depth Strider VI Flower - Flower Water Squirter Knockback VIII Fire Aspect VI Fishing Rod - Jokers Rod Unbreaking VI Lure VI Luck of the Sea VI CoinShop will open tonight (01/04/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  7. Saturday March 25th: Sports Diamond Chestplate - American Football Armour Protection VII Unbreaking VI Diamond Pickaxe - Hurling Paddle Efficiency VI Unbreaking VI Fortune III End rod - Flag Pole Knockback IX Fire Aspect V CoinShop will open tonight (25/03/2017) at 8:30PM GMT and will be open for 24 hours. All CoinShop Items cost 50 Coins!
  8. This isn't the place to discuss that, but what he is doing is allowed.
  9. Depending on whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit system, you will have to download the respective version. It's highly likely you have a 64-bit system.
  10. No applications will be necessary. As far as teamspeak, you need to download it from here: http://teamspeak.com/downloads.html#client Once you have downloaded it, head to Connections> Connect and type voice.aliacraft.net into the "Server Address" box. Once you have connected to the AliACraft teamspeak, you will be verified and given any further assistance you may require. Thanks, Jako.
  11. I am aware of this situation, and I will need to speak with Depressiinq before I can take any further action. Currently, Depressiinq has bought you no rank but I will have to speak to him and get his side of the situation to get a clearer and complete version of the deal that was made between you and what actions were taken in accordance with that deal. For now, thank you for these screenshots, I will get back to you as soon as I have spoken with Depressiinq. Thanks, Jako.
  12. The interview would be at 7:00AM on Sunday for you. Thanks, Jako.
  13. The interviews will take place at 7:00AM in New Zealand. All interviews will take place on teamspeak without exceptions, so you must be able to use it on the day, and as a staff member should you get the position. Thanks, Jako.
  14. Greetings Survival Players! Survival Helper Interviews will take place on Saturday the 1st of April at 6:00PM GMT! Here are some things you should know before applying: All applicants must be at least 13 years of age and have played survival for 3 months or longer Interviews will take place on teamspeak 3 (voice.aliacraft.net) These interviews are open to everyone, so no matter wherever you are on the globe you can partake! Good luck! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to inquire! Thanks, Jako.