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  1. Hey dude! I read that google doc Jamouzz made of that thing you wrote about Jack ******. That was hilarious! I showed it to some of my friends at school and they loved it! :D We all thought it was hilarious. Lol xD

  2. Hey guys! Yesterday was my last day of school for the semester. This means I'm officially out for the holidays and at this point, considering today is Christmas Eve, a lot of you guys must be too. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to those of you who don't celebrate Christmas. I don't play as much on Ali-A Craft anymore, but over the break I will make sure to get on. Let's start this party guys and enjoy the break!
  3. Hello World!

    Ah, that definitely sucks. At least Meo had a good Dev. I did everything for my server on my own and all our plugins were some we found online.
  4. Hello World!

    Hey Dooley! I remember you from Meo's server. How's that doing by the way?
  5. Returned | 3yrs

    Hey Alex! Welcome back to Ali-A Craft! I've stopped playing the server for periods of time before, but have always come back and I too was a player on Ali-A Craft around 3 years ago. It's nice to have a player from so long ago too. I see you're an "MC Veteran", but in a way an "Ali-A Craft Veteran" too. Anyways, they call me King here and my In-Game Name is CallMeTheKrazy now and is definitely due to change soon. If you ever need any help on the server, just come on to Skyblock, where I usually am, and holler! Also, you said you were the Sr. Admin and Sr. Developer on two pretty, well, developed servers. I think that's pretty cool, but am wondering how you rose to such high ranks on such great servers?! Anyways, welcome back and I hope you have fun here on Ali-A Craft again!
  6. Old Vid