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  1. Concerns For Prison...

    Fixed. Thread closed.
  2. Concerns For Prison...

    The point is we had to upgrade the server in order to keep it online for any period of time. We're currently working to restore pvp as quickly as possible.
  3. Concerns For Prison...

    No, my point is that prison is a diverse server with many features, the primary ones being mining and mob farming. That fact that you only play it for pvp means you could play literally any other AliACraft server featuring pvp until we manage to reinstate 1.8 pvp. Would you rather prison continue to constantly crash with no gameplay at all due to a hacker, or would you prefer to learn 1.9 pvp until we manage to find a plugin that can fix it properly for hundreds of players at once.
  4. Concerns For Prison...

  5. Concerns For Prison...

    This isn't the place for opinions of that nature, however, our hands were forced today when the prison server constantly froze due to a certain hacked client. We intend to restore 1.8 pvp, however, you've got to learn to get good at pvp. The speed your mouse can click is hardly a good measure of pvp skill. Until then, please goto kitpvp or factions to pvp.
  6. "like" button?

  7. OhhTraps

    @Mitchka please verify and unban if the story checks out.
  8. Zvkk

  9. _MiningWarrior_

    Denied for obvious reasons. If it's not obvious to you, he's called these two female staff members every derogatory name for a woman in the book. The ban stays.
  10. Distinctions

    If we're your favorite server, why'd you advertise another server? How does that logically work?
  11. Banned?

    Look like we've got another illiterate. Lemme clear up exactly why I banned your IP and multiple accounts, shall we, little man? First off, NO ONE messes with my staff and gets away with it, not you, not your mother, not your cousin, not God themself, and certainly not your nephew. You harass my staff, you deal with me; similarly, you mess with my female staff and you get the horns of the bull at full force. Secondly, you're blatantly revealing someone's personal information, regardless of whether it was in a private message or not. IF IT'S NOT YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION, YOU DON'T SHARE IT, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT WAS IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE OR NOT; did your parents not teach you proper manners!? Nevertheless, you're attempting to create trouble with in the AliACraft Network, a network I fight for daily, mitigating all sorts of threats, like DDoS attacks, for example. You're dredging up things that appear to have taken place outside of the AliACraft Network and Minecraft itself. In this community, we don't allow that. You're telling someone that has no business knowing about a staff member's life things they HAVE NO BUSINESS KNOWING! How much common sense does it take to understand how stupidly wrong and immature that is!? This is a game made for children and their family members to enjoy without having to listen to sore people such as yourself. Take it from me, if you come back, you'll receive nothing but pain from all staff members. No one wants to listen to you gripe about how sore you are because you're not good enough for someone. Shouldn't that tell you to look inward and try to figure out where you went wrong so you could change yourself and grow for the future? You're letting your anger overcompensate for somewhere else you can't measure up. Until you can learn from your mistakes and learn to channel your anger into a healthy resolve, you're not welcome here. No one is worth more than someone else, regardless of age, gender, race, or religion. Until you learn the proper way to respect others as you wish to be respected, and learn to ignore those that belittle and anger you, I'll personally see to it that you don't come back, and that each time you try becomes a little more painful than the last. Meditate on my words for they are the last warning you shall receive from any staff member of the AliACraft Network. Please heed them wisely. This ban is not appeal-able until I've been notified of a full and sincere apology to the staff member you've so blatantly disrespected. Good day to you. Thread Closed.
  12. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    I'm an MLG photographer, lol.
  13. Your profile pic confuses me... is it the perfect gif!?

  14. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    Yet you cared enough to comment? Hmm.
  15. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    HISTORY IN THE MAKING, FOLKS! So on this day, August 21, 2017, we the people of North America experienced quite an amazing thing: A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE If you look closely at the images, you can actually see stars in the background!! Note: If you plan to share your pics here, please ensure the image files are about 1MB size or less. 4K images take up 4-6MB per image, which uses up space on our server very quickly. Thank you!