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  1. Is the server alive?..

    Timing out usually means a bad connection.
  2. Is the server alive?..

    Send the error you're receiving
  3. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    The client got an update two days after Ben left. It'd still be happening even if he were still here.
  4. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    Not a DoS attack, btw. It's a bug in 1.8. None of the servers even have a public IP address, lol. It's all internal.
  5. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    Not when it's fully configured
  6. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    No, just needs an update to 1.12 with 1.8 pvp
  7. kid dosses kitpvp (killstreak isn't effected)

    I'm aware of how it's being done and a fix will be applied next week. The bug specifically effects 1.8 servers and is a bug in Minecraft itself, even if the idiot script kid doing it claims otherwise. Unfortunately, this means the entire network will be upgraded to 1.12.2 and a 1.8 server will never be used on the AliACraft Network ever again. We will continue to allow 1.8 connections and work to fix the hit detection issues plaguing this hastily-applied update. This issue comes not as a result of the loss of Ben as a staff member, but after an update to a certain hacked client (of which shall not be named!) Anyone caught using this client, or telling others to do so will be banned permanently without chance of ever being unbanned. Anyone attempting to ban evade with this client will have their IPs posted somewhere shady (I can trace VPNs, it's not that hard.) Until then, please enjoy our non-pvp gamemodes until next week's updates can be applied. Thank you!
  8. "like" button?

  9. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    I'm an MLG photographer, lol.
  10. Your profile pic confuses me... is it the perfect gif!?

  11. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    Yet you cared enough to comment? Hmm.
  12. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    HISTORY IN THE MAKING, FOLKS! So on this day, August 21, 2017, we the people of North America experienced quite an amazing thing: A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE If you look closely at the images, you can actually see stars in the background!! Note: If you plan to share your pics here, please ensure the image files are about 1MB size or less. 4K images take up 4-6MB per image, which uses up space on our server very quickly. Thank you!
  13. I can't read (not clickbait)

    First you must be old enough to understand what the word "sue" means, then read the Terms and Conditions located on our donor shop.