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  1. On behalf of the AliaCraft Gaming Community, I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you and your family. Our staff was in-fact wrong in their actions and will be dealt with... severely. I've checked the logs myself and see no wrongdoing on your child's behalf, only a staff member being lazy. There was only one thing said in the chat by the account bryce_braley, and that was the link itself, most likely making a mistake by posting it in the chat as it gets copied to the clipboard when you click it from the /vote command. Again, we're truely sorry for the inconvenience; I'm currently removing the ban from your child's account. @Fearless, I'd like a word with you tomorrow. Oh, and here's the evidence, though I needn't provide it: ./2017-01-10-2.log:[20:23:40] [Server thread/INFO]: bryce_braley issued server command: /vote ./2017-01-10-2.log:[20:24:41] [Async Chat Thread - #81/INFO]: <bryce_braley> http://goo.gl/G8QLU4 ./2017-01-10-2.log:[20:24:53] [Server thread/INFO]: FearlessFella issued server command: /ban bryce_braley Advertising Dry cough and a slow, sarcastic clap. OH! And it's improper to captialize the first letter of each word. I think @Ollieed used to do that in the past.
  2. Here's my question: how then, did Patty know it was you and find it in his SrAdmin mind to ban it. Surely there was wrongdoing in this situation.
  3. I'll investigate this myself and report back shortly...
  4. gone

    Don't forget me...
  5. You know, we only ban alts once you break a rule again, otherwise you could probably slip by unnoticed. HOWEVER, if a staff member bans an alt without any proof of that account doing anything wrong, we'd like to know about it immediately... UNLESS you've got like 7+ other banned alts on your account and the staff member is 100% certain you're online to cause unneeded mayhem.
  6. @RoyalGS
  7. I banned you. Your warning was the rules, and we're a family-friendly server, therefore, we do not tolerate swearing whatsoever. I was debating making it 30 days, but decided upon 7. Don't do it again. See you in a week. In the meantime, please feel free to fix the "False ban" idea.
  8. Gee, thanks Rydan for telling this guy to send the receipt to my email. Had no clue why I was receiving it. If they hadn't linked this thread, I'd have had no clue what it was about. Next time find an op before giving that email out ._.
  9. Refer this:
  10. I sense an illiterate troll here. If you truly are the parent, you can contact us directly via email with Paypal receipts and we'd gladly handle the situation. We do not hand out IP bans lightly. If one's been applied, you may appeal it; all IP bans are applied by high staff and aren't something we do in most cases. Thread Closed. EDIT: Also, as per our Terms of Service, being a donor to the network is greatly appreciated, however, that status does not exempt you from our rules, nor does it entitle you to a refund should you be banned.
  11. I don't generally write plugins. Praise be to @NachtRaben.
  12. Send screenshots.
  13. ffs, wtf does not mean Wednesday, Thursday, nor Friday. Get on Urban Dictionary; we weren't born yesterday nor within the last hour. Thread Closed.
  14. Make sure you are using the Mojang minecraft client. Otherwise, make sure you're not using a vpn and try again. That's about everything that could possibly be affecting you at the moment.
  15. When will you kids learn that mc and us are literally the exact same thing. Use mc. I might erase the us link.