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  1. HELP

    This only happens if you logout before your playerdata finishes syncing because your empty inventory overwrites the one with stuff in it.
  2. Appeal

    Literally in bright Bold letters at the top of the front page, but you scrolled all the way down here to make this thread. . . [no comment]

    @Ben was this ever addressed?
  4. Lag/crashing

    I've noticed that happening recently. I'm looking into it, but perhaps @Ben and @NachtRaben may also be able to help, considering it's being done by AAC.
  5. Application for developer.

    We don't do applications.
  6. Prison bug

    @blazexstorm I don't see anything in that screenie. . .
  7. I can't read (not clickbait)

    First you must be old enough to understand what the word "sue" means, then read the Terms and Conditions located on our donor shop.
  8. Response to updating - Open Discussion

    While I appreciate your input, we've had discussions about exactly what you've said, but the problem is being able to satisfy as many players as possible and keep the servers as stable as possible. Once you breach 50+ players, a lot of crudely coded plugins begin to cause issues and die. Most plugins we've tried have caused more trouble than they're worth. I've tried Skript in the past, however, it seemed to cause many more issues than was worth spending the time to make it function half decently. Most server development is left to the OPs team, and our head admins aren't exactly tech savvy, so skripting wouldn't be their strong suit. Prison's cells plugin wasn't ever intended to span across multiple servers, so there's no sql database for it at all, it's all yaml files. As for our community image, we're not trying to be like other servers. We're trying to forge our own self-image. We know a lot of it is Ali-A based at the moment, however, getting other people involved in the server is much harder than most think. Ali can't simply ask Vikk to hop on the server and mess around with the community; they're both extremely busy people. Ali's usually out doing something big every other week (which he usually posts about on Twitter regularly), so scheduling time to record usually falls in his downtime. We're constantly working to make the network the best it can be, but we're not the world's largest OPs team, so things take time - though we don't need more staff to help with it, we need time to work together to get things running properly. We'll work towards fixing issues to the best we can, but don't expect them right away - we're human and need downtime, too.
  9. Having a biit of trouble with [item]

  10. sick

    Please be respectful of all players and staff in our community, @Jordan_EU. We're having networking patches this week, so a few things may be laggy. You could instead tell us your ping and request assistance, rather than what's been said in the first and third post of this thread. I could investigate the matter, if you ask politely, however, this is the first I've heard of this happening to anyone.
  11. Hypocritical?

    I loved reading your message so very much. Here at the AliACraft Network, we work extremely hard to ensure the safety of all players, regardless of age, after all, we're a family friendly network. Because of this, sometimes we have to implement temporary blocks in order to achieve a goal. Today, the teamspeak received a few updates we'd been planning, but hadn't actually gotten around to doing. We've blocked the use of certain inappropriate words we find aren't family friendly. In testing, someone discovered and reported that unicode characters, specifically characters that are not alphanumeric, could bypass the rule, thus allowing inappropriate names on the teamspeak. Because we could find no easy solution, a temporary block of all unicode characters to all teamspeak users below the rank of Operator was instated until a proper fix can be developed. We understand this may interfere with your ability to choose a customized nickname on our teamspeak, however, rule number nine states you must set your teamspeak name to your Minecraft IGN, which coincidentally cannot contain non-alphanumeric characters. In the event we find your IGN to be inappropriate, we may request you change it to an alternative. We're working to find a proper fix for this, but it may take some time. Until then, unicode characters cannot be used for all ranks below Operator. We apologize for the inconvenience. On a personal note, Warhawk, you were an amazing staff member, but I feel you've become toxic since you left. All ranks are held to certain rules, including the OPs team, which abide by a separate set of rules. If an operator does something, it is not to be challenged. Both Nacht and I worked on this today, yet you attack me for acting as if I own the network. I don't; I work for Gizmo and Ali-A. I am abiding by the rules that govern a network OP and ask that you stop attacking me every time we do something you dislike. As for the contents of your screenshot, that was me being nice and warning everyone to update their names before the rule was added. Had no warning been issued, five users would have been banned by the new filter without warning. This is neither a permanent rule nor one to make the OPs team look all-powerful, but one to prevent users from setting their names to something highly inappropriate by circumventing our other filters. In response to the player loss when Ali stops recording, please keep in mind I wasn't staff at that time, or wasn't in an Operations position. Please do fact checks before making rude accusations. I, too, am human and have feeling like everyone else. I found this message targeting and hurtful. Please refrain from that type of behavior. Also, fairness and equality are two separate things. Please look up their definitions. Thank you and have a mythical rest of your evening.
  12. trentclient proof (diamond didnt false mute)

    What do you want me to do with this?
  13. spammer ft mute!

    Dealt with.
  14. Why do I keep forgetting my forums passwords...

    Literally reset your password... we have a button for that.