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  1. Your request is not in vain! I hope we can announce our plans really soon.
  2. The post wasn't edited at all; I'd be able to see if it was.
  3. What is a System Admin??

    1. Dooley_labs


      The person that makes the entire network work. Without me, you literally wouldn't be able to connect to the network or be on this website. Google "System Admin" for more details.

  4. Yeah, but if you compare performance, SSDs beat out HDDs, being that an HDD will throttle at 100% i/o, while an SSD doesn't have that issue. While they do cost a bit, SSDs are superior, and I'm not certain they'd need multiple terabytes of space unless they have a hefty Steam library of like 80+ games. If it's in the budget, I'll always recommend an SSD, otherwise aim for a HDD with 7200RPM, otherwise you're shooting yourself in the foot. 5400RPM drives throttle insanely. Aliacraft used to lag on its old 7200RPM drives during world saves, which we solved by upgrading all our machines to SSDs. That's my experience, and I'll never use a mechanical drive again. They're so slow and have that risk of data loss should you manage to harm them in any way.
  5. This isn't up for debate. We require English in public chat for many reasons, including the security of others.
  6. I literally keep them in the same folder, though...
  7. @Eastwards why a mechanical drive? An SSD would do him a lot better. I'm not a big fan of an i5 compared to an i7 when it comes to gaming, but it's better than an i3 I suppose.
  8. The purpose of this post is confusing. You have to speak english for two reasons: The person the server is based from is English; and How would you like seeing multiple not-understandable languages in chat? It gets confusing. You're really challenging the wrong thing here. I speak three languages and have no issue with the english-only rule. Ali-A is English, enough said.
  9. If you can do a desktop, do it, but for those of us that need mobility or space, the laptop is king.
  10. Actually IS associated with AliaCraft; it's a sibling server that didn't do very well for several reasons. The GO on it isn't the same as the one that may or may not be released on AliaCraft, but should any developments be made, I'll announce them via Twitter.
  11. I'm a cat person. Deal with it.
  12. If you're looking for a laptop, I've just ordered a new one that competes with a Razer Blade spec-wise, which I'll be recieving in a few days. I'll let you know then if I recommend it. If you want a desktop, literally anything with an i7-6700 or higher (meaning i7-7700, like that), 8-16GB RAM or more (aim for a higher MHz rating, like 1800-2200MHz if you can), and a decent graphics card (preferably a GTX 1050-1080). You can get a desktop with those specs at around £1000 or less if you look in the proper places. If you want to figure out what the processor numbers mean, check here: As for my new laptop, it can support up to 32GB RAM, has an i7-7700HQ in it, and an upgradable GTX 1050. I'll let you know if it sucks when it arrives next week. It cost just under $800 and fit my budget, so I'm hoping it was well worth it, otherwise, this reply never happened xD.
  13. VioletStorm or CatWildCookie. Either will do.
  14. You do know PM's work both ways, right? You could have messaged me, tagged me, or poked me about it on Teamspeak, which I've been on most of the day. @Sweatypalmz thanks for tagging.
  15. The survival server was in a crashed state. I rebooted it within the hour of it going down and am investigating why crashes like that one occur/how to prevent them.