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  1. i understand that hacking is not aloud but can i give some suggestions how about we try to not make entity clear so fast maybe? and how about we try to get more mods to help the victims of entity clear and also sorry for hacking i hope that we will have neutral agreement to at least 1 of these things and if there is no possible way can i get it explained to me thx just trying to help out
  2. I got banned from the server for xray. am i guilty yes but before that i wasnt hacking i started hacking because due to quick entity clear i had most of my items gone i did have some help by getting some items back just cow spawner but not everything in total i waould say i still lost 100k worth of items and time wasted. my friend told me about this we both thought it was unfair no staff could help us at the time so i tried using xray to get back 100k worth of items just by getting 100k but in the process of xraying i was spotted and before i had the chance to even explain my laptop crashed and when i was going to log back on and say cause i thought i was gonna be given a chance i got banned i am banned for 30 days and i will accept getting banned but i was wonederining since this was also due to lack of mods genorosity and quick entity clear i am basically writing this so i was wondering if i could get reduced ban time to 1-3 weeks thank you for reading my minecraft name is The_Blacklist19 once again i wish u could understand from a users perspective.