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  1. 2.0

    Not gonna lie, I would straight up come back to aliacraft if prison 2.0 was restored... Mitchka Picks, Elytras being rare, plots, it was all so iconic and I miss it like hell.

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    2. Gavote0308


      Yep, got that false ban bud hahaha

    3. Lieutenant_Rylan
    4. Gavote0308


      ye just cause a few players false reported me with no evidence Mitchka took it upon herself to side with them and false ban me again. I showed  her proof of a staff using illegal clients and she didn't even care lmao. So corrupt. 

  3. Something that has to be Said

    @Frightened_Ninja idk about losing EVERYTHING, but getting rid of all the op items sounds like a good idea... When I first played, elytra were COVETED! Now (as far as my friend has told me) theyre just eh... I think people keeping theyre non-op rare stuff would be cool, but getting rid of stuff like god picks and a kgjpillion elytra sounds good.
  4. Leaving the community

    nope I never wanted to
  5. Leaving the community

  6. Leaving the community

    😂😂😂 I'll come on to visit sometime... Itll be a while tho
  7. Leaving the community

    Ill miss you too ultimo
  8. Leaving the community

    Imma miss u too man ;-;
  9. Leaving the community

    Hi all. Many of you knew me on the prison server as Rirye81, then Lieutenant_Rylan, and finally Commander_Rylan. I have had so much fun there and I love you guys all so much. Lately, however, life has been getting a little tough. I don't want to bother you with the details, but suffice it to say not everyone was who I thought they were. I know I haven't exactly been playing AliaCraft lately (for obvious reasons, lol), but I still have tried to stay in the community and keep in touch with everyone, but it's just not working out. So I wanted to give you guys a little good-bye... At least for now. I quickly want to mention a few especially special (:P) people... @pig_panther Dude, you are one of the funniest, kindest, and most generous people I know... I'm gonna miss the good times we had. @Frightened_Ninja Same goes for you bro. And I hope you make it all the way to Sr. Admin @CubbyPride you must not be on the forums, but ur awesome to bro. I'll miss ya. @ProSoccerGamer How could I forget you. Dude, I'm gonna miss u so much. @Mitchka We didn't exactly talk much, but you work so hard to keep the server entertaining and clean. You don't always get appreciated for it, but you're one of the best people I know. @FPS_Skilled When I typed your name, I just started chuckling out loud from all the memories. Farewell, potato head @ImKrazyKaley apparently you're not on the forums either, but I'm gonna miss you a lot. That hot tub was LIT! There's way more of you but I can't remember you all off the top of my head, but trust me I miss you too. Love you all guys Farewell, -Riley (irl name reveal ow0)
  10. More info on my ban appeal.

    I wasn't trying to appeal on skype Just a little bored was all
  11. More info on my ban appeal.

    That all sounds reasonable. Although I really am telling you the truth that the sword was in the hopper. All that aside, I hope the storms roll over your area without damaging anything. I've heard on the news just how bad these storms are.
  12. More info on my ban appeal.

    @TomTom If you've checked all the hoppers then you've either missed something, or your hopper history tool thingamajig is dead wrong. Those hoppers were used FREQUENTLY and not over 700 hours (about 28 days) ago. I have very limited knowledge of 5zig's capabilities. I have only seen it a few times and it seemed like it showed info about other players so I referenced it while trying to scam Africannn. And as I said, he had dropped the pick earlier so I knew what enchants it had. You obviously were not there to see it because you would have seen it occur. Anyways @Mitchka I should be on Teamspeak tomorrow to talk to you about this. I sincerely hope I can be unbanned sometime in the near-ish future. I love this community and I love the server and would love to play for a long time. Thank you- Commander_Rylan
  13. Prison Banter

    awwwwwww! im getting all teary eyed this is all so sweet <3
  14. More info on my ban appeal.

    P.S. I don't actually use 5zig, but have seen it briefly in videos and assumed it let players see other players' enchants based on what I've seen of the mod, so I told Africannnn I had 5zig to make him think he couldn't scam me. That's what the whole 5zig thing was about.
  15. More info on my ban appeal.

    Ik this is in the wrong section, but I need to be able to reply. That aside, let me clarify exactly what happened that led to me getting (wrongly I might add) banned. First, some guy named Africannnn put in chat his sharp 10 sword, so I tried to scam him (of course). We went to my friend, SurvivalistGamer's house, where I had set up trade rooms with hoppers underneath slabs so people don't even know they're getting scammed until they are (u gotta admit its pretty smart). Then I told him to drop the sharp 10 sword at the same time that I would drop some money (which of course I wasn't going to do). He dropped a sword so I ran over to the hoppers to find it, only to discover he had only dropped a sharp 5 sword from some kit. That is how I knew the enchants of the sword. A while after that he [item]'ed an ender pick in and I msged hi "me" to say I wanted it, so I attempted to scam him again. He tried to scam me and dropped an eff 3 pick instead and that's how I knew the enchants of the pick. I can't prove the pick, but at least you can check the hopper history in SurvivalistGamer's house and see the sharp 5 sword dropped by Africannn. @Frightened_Ninja and I already talked about it on skype and he says that there isn't a sharp 5 sword in the history. I can only assume that the wrong hoppers were checked or something because THE SHARP 5 SWORD WAS IN THERE! At this moment I am trying to get verified on ts because I accidentally uninstalled it and lost my verification. As soon as I am verified I will try to appeal there. Before I end this, want to ask @TomTom something; since you do not have any actual proof (only information that would suggest) that I was hacking, why did you ban me? You had absolutely NO PROOF of me hacking in any way, yet you banned me purely because some kid said I "knew his enchants." Wth is that?