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  1. Given up hope..

    Hello everyone! Factions will come back up and will be better than ever! I will not go into detail nor do we have a release date but just so everyone knows, the server you all know and love will not stay down forever. We are working towards getting it to a state that is not anything near what it was when it went down. Thank you all for your patience!
  2. Factions Update and Feature Request Log

    Exactly as @Rob put it. Seeing all of your guys' recommendations and opinions really help in improving and even in bring new and better things to Factions. I am impressed to see how much feedback this post has gotten! Keep up the good work everyone
  3. Info on Survival KoTH

    If you go to /warp pvp then drop down and go to the far right side, koth will be sitting right there.
  4. Street Hacker (Just Proof)

    Sufficient Evidence -Sil3ntWxlf Admin
  5. MrAiden97 didnt leave my claim and killed me

    Thanks for the posting! I will look further into this and ill let you know what comes of it. Have a good day! -Silent
  6. Ban Appeal

    I will call for an SS, please standby for further notice