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  1. got a false ban

  2. Given up hope..

    Hello everyone! Factions will come back up and will be better than ever! I will not go into detail nor do we have a release date but just so everyone knows, the server you all know and love will not stay down forever. We are working towards getting it to a state that is not anything near what it was when it went down. Thank you all for your patience!
  3. Duhzu Super__Cooper Mrdoggyman ban apeal

    [Appeal Denied] If you had proof to say otherwise then there may have been a chance for a reversal of the ban. Unless you somehow find proof, the ban stays.
  4. CrayonBoxx's Appeal

    DENIED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Curious_Duck, I'm actually quite disappointed. The fact that you had the audacity to to post those memes and be disrespectful to that level. The toxicity was not needed. You had time to realise what you were doing and to think if it was the best idea to behave in that manner. The fact that you haven't even apologised just goes to show that you aren't going to take this seriously. You have been warned and even punished on multiple occasions for many different actions. You could have thought about your behaviour then but hadnt and still came back to be the same ol' you. This time, things are different. This time, I will not stand by and let the toxicity run our server and run wildly throughout this Network. The fact that you were even staff makes this even more difficult. Goodbye Curious_Duck
  5. Factions Update and Feature Request Log

    Exactly as @Rob put it. Seeing all of your guys' recommendations and opinions really help in improving and even in bring new and better things to Factions. I am impressed to see how much feedback this post has gotten! Keep up the good work everyone
  6. Survival 2017-2018 Bug/Glitch log | Update Request

    @JakoTheSheep ^^^
  7. Info on Survival KoTH

    If you go to /warp pvp then drop down and go to the far right side, koth will be sitting right there.
  8. Survival 2017-2018 Bug/Glitch log | Update Request

    That is definitely something we can look into! Thanks! Sil3ntWxlf Admin
  9. Street Hacker (Just Proof)

    Sufficient Evidence -Sil3ntWxlf Admin
  10. Survival 2017-2018 Bug/Glitch log | Update Request

    That actually sounds reasonable. We can definitely see if that is something we can add! -Sil3ntWxlf Admin
  11. Skyblock Building Competition

    Looking forward to the outcome of the event! Goodluck you all those who participate!
  12. Survival 2017-2018 Bug/Glitch log | Update Request

    Elevator block are definitely some thing that I think would be awesome and convenient to have! I also agree that warp VIP should be fixed and finished!
  13. Survival 2017-2018 Bug/Glitch log | Update Request

    I can agree to that, as a Redstoner myself, fixing Redstone is a high priority to my builds. It should be fixed
  14. Hello Everyone! As we all know, some of the servers have been dealing with a lot of issues and need fixes when it comes to bugs/glitches and functions. Here is where I will compile a list of YOUR guys' Requests and absolute needs when it comes to Survival! --Fix list Essentials! Custom Item Name tags Duel Arena Block lag/glitching Permissions! Insta Teleport needs to be taken away Re-adds Claimflags readded and fixed Custom mob pets Xp Bottles Permission node: No enter I know that there are probably so many other things to fix/improve upon but this is just a starter list. Please do say in a reply to this exactly what you guys want to see fixed or re added into survival, or maybe just something new entirely Thankyou all for viewing this post, have a wonderful day!!! @Dooley_labs -Sil3ntWxlf Survival, Admin
  15. no premissions

    @rparker13 please provide viable proof of purchase and also @DestinedNinja as I am just a mod, I personally can't do anything about this. This would be a community manager+ situation. Thanks! @Mitchka @Ben