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  1. u ever comin back m8?

    1. ENDER_PRO99


      Don't know currently. Maybe later this year but not sure yet.

    2. _Jadee


      We miss you <3 

    3. ENDER_PRO99


      I miss you too  <3

  2. Ender noob come back bb :'c

    1. charania007


      Unless you're back playing a different server lol.

    2. ENDER_PRO99


      I'll try to when I have the time :) 

  3. Today Would've Marked 1 Year of Being a Staff Member on the AliACraft Network! So Much has happened In Just one year, and it is insane to think that it was possible to be promoted from a normal player all the way to a SrAdmin in under 5 months. Miss you all <3 

    1. Blurrieee


      We all miss you too <3

  4. Hey Everyone! Missy'all <3 

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    2. Sweatypalmz


      Miss you too bro. Have a great one :) 


    3. ENDER_PRO99
    4. Sweatypalmz


      Happy New Years @ENDER_PRO99 and everyone else. Have a good day and stay safe


  5. RIP Yeetman :(

    Yeet gg rydan on staff btw
  6. ENDER_PRO99 I was banned for no reason please believe me.

    1. Bowseritis673


      If you unbanned me I would be happy please talk to JakoTheSheep

      He thinks he banned me for a reason but he didn't


    2. ENDER_PRO99


      My profile page isn't the place to appeal. Please make a proper ban appeal in the ban appeals section using the correct format.

  7. 50 followers and 500 reputation points! 

    Progress :)  

  8. Hello Everyone! Please take into account the following points when uploading a screenshot in cases where you have to upload a ban notice screenshot, a screenshot of a purchase confirmation, a disrespectful offence, and many more occasions, Thanks In Advance! You are free to use any of these programs as long as you feel comfortable doing so. First Method: If you are on Windows, you can use a default implemented program, called “Snipping Tool” To Open this program, head over to your search bar and type in “Snipping Tool”: http://prntscr.com/bujpyf Launch the program by clicking “Enter” or left clicking it, and start a new project: http://prntscr.com/bujwj5 Start your selection by holding left click, then dragging. When you have captured the selection, you can use the offered tools to highlight a section if needed. After that, save the screenshot to the designated area, it is recommended to do that at an easy to access space, such as your desktop for example. You can upload the screenshot by heading to http://imgur.com/ and signing in/signing up for an account. Once you are signed in, upload your image and copy and paste the link to the required area on the forums. Second Method: A different technique is downloading the program light shot on your computer and using it for your selection. You can do so by heading to this link: https://app.prntscr.com/en/download.html After downloading the program, you can start your selection by pressing the “printscreen” button on your keyboard: http://prntscr.com/buk93g Hold the left click button and drag to draw out your selection. You can use the different tools offered by the program in order to highlight different parts of your selection. After doing this, you have one out of 2 options. Saving the screenshot on to your computer and then uploading it to imgur and posting the link in the designated location Hold Crtl + D on you keyboard or left click the cloud icon in order to upload it to prntscrn.com (this is the easier method as you can avoid making an imgur account/ uploading the image to imgur if you have an account and then copying link directly to your clipboard, and pasting it (Just like I did in this tutorial) http://prntscr.com/buto01 Third Method: There are endless ways of different ways to upload a screenshot, so if you didn’t like the first 2 methods, you can use this one. Head to this link and download gyazo: https://gyazo.com/download?lang=en When the dialog appears at the bottom of your browser, click Keep. Next, click the file to install. http://prntscr.com/butxcf Setup the wizard according to the given instructions http://prntscr.com/butxsr Click on the gyazo icon and it will guide you on how to use it by accessing the small arrow pointing upwards on your task bar and starting your selection: http://prntscr.com/buty3f After taking your selection, the screenshot will be uploaded automatically and you can go ahead and copy the link that pops up in your browser and copy it to the forum thread/post and submit your screenshot. At the end of the day, it's only a matter of preference for the user to choose the best way he likes in order to submit the proof he wants. I hope that this thread helped you, thanks! Sincerely, ENDER
  9. We both are on 196 posts, who will reach the big 200 first?

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    2. Gavote0308


      My Ye you did :x:x:x

    3. ENDER_PRO99


      But I surpassed 200 though?

    4. Gavote0308


      But Ye was not first was Ye?