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  1. My topic criticising server staff gets instalocked? Big surprise. Oh and @JustCrisi you're the definition of smug bastard.

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      Lol, alright.

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      ngl @JustCrisi you acc think your staff. either that or your just being a major suck up to them still

    4. JustCrisi
  2. I wasn't cheating? World downloader is an allowed mod? Also, they obviously weren't watching me, as I wasn't banned while I was online. The only thing I raided yesterday was an underground vault, which I raided approximately somewhere between 15:00 and 18:00 GMT, but I was online at 24:00 GMT and I wasn't banned.
  3. Oh please, how do you prove x-ray? Sure he can go to some vault and logblock it and see whos been there, but that doesn't prove shit. The only actual way to prove someone is x-raying is to monitor their ore-mining-rates, and I can't remember the last time I mined an ore so I definitely didn't get banned for that.
  4. And if you cba watching the video, what I did was basically run around the map and world downloading it. Then I went into single player and used worldedit, removing stone and other blocks. Lastly I found all vaults, chests, underground bases and saved the coordinates. Then I go on aliacraft and add the coords as minimap waypoints and go to them.
  5. 1) What Is Your IGN: yij 2) Who banned you and from what server (Creative, Factions, Kitpvp, Prison, Sky Block, Survival, Teamspeak) : Factions 3) How long is your ban: 30 days 4) When were you banned (date): 27.01.2016 5) Why were you banned (reason on the notice): X-Ray 6) Are you guilty: Nope 7) Do you have any proof that you are not guilty (please provide the proof): I made a video on what I did, showing it might be kinda greyzone, but definitely not bannable. 8) Why do you think you should be unbanned, what makes you privileged over other players banned for the same reason: Because I didn't xray? The video above shows what I was doing, and I get why someone would think I was x-raying, but what I did is definitely not a bannable thing. @Will_Plays doesn't have any proof of anything, and is probably just mad I found his vault or something. 9) Provide a screenshot of the ban notice. Upload to imugur or gyazo and post a link: :
  6. bump
  7. @Ben @Mikeyqwerty @Ollieed
  8. Not the first post on this topic, but add f warps already? It's already a part of the factions plugin so why not just add it already? It's extremely useful for people with no/low donor ranks, and actually makes the server playable for them. Sure, it might discourage some people from donating, but it would definitely help a lot of people, and make it more fun. Every single top factions server has had f warps enabled (see gontroller, justpvp, daegonner, justicecraft, fearpvp, cosmicpvp), and it definitely didn't influence them in a bad way. It also increases the amount of design options for your base, and with that also reduces the amount of glitching. Like it is now, you pretty much gotta have a ladder/staircase through your entire base, which makes it extremely prone to glitchers. So please, admins/devs, do the server a favour and add f warps.
  9. Why did you change my faction members (homosexman) nick in-game? I can't see how that's offensive to anyone, nor can I see any other reason to change it other than the server staff being homophobic. Our other member, sexguy131 didn't have his name changed and it contains the word "sex", so it's definitely the homo part the staff resents.
  10. Enderpearl glitching is definitely not allowed. You can't spam enderpearls because they have a 15 second cooldown on factions.
  11. Hey, log on factions ASAP and msg me please.

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      I am online atm


    2. yij


      Oh sorry I was busy, I guess I'll just message you on here.

  12. World border glitching is literally the easiest form of glitching to fix in a base design. Just build your base a few blocks away from the border (I built mine a chunk away). If you instead of building a new base want to fix your old, canals next to all of your rooms - so they spawn in the canals after the border glitch instead of inside your rooms.
  13. Well how'd you know they glitched? There are countless ways they could have gotten in without glitching, and you obviously have no proof (recording of anyone actually entering your base). Just to list a few ways they could have entered legitimately: TP scammed you or your faction members. /sethome while you were building the base. TPed in by one of your faction members. And of course there are more ways which I cba to list. TLDR; You have no proof of anyone glitching, so why should staff care.
  14. I have 40-100 keys on all servers and I wanna trade for some faction keys. Just reply to this post or msg me in-game on factions and I'll trade anyone.
  15. So what? It's not like swearing is a big deal. Shouldn't be considered an offense whatsoever. Also, you obviously had it coming for you.