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  1. lag

    Agreed. This happens at least a couple times an hour.
  2. Obviously there isn't any preset timeline, but there is always av average time before a server goes stale - and for factions thats generally after 3-4 months.
  3. Reset early December. Now it's early March. Every 3 months is a good reset cycle for a factions server.
  4. reset facs already

  5. Didn't seem like you agreed when I said it.
  6. No proof of anything.
  7. My topic criticising server staff gets instalocked? Big surprise. Oh and @JustCrisi you're the definition of smug bastard.

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    2. Crisi


      Lol, alright.

    3. This guy

      This guy

      ngl @JustCrisi you acc think your staff. either that or your just being a major suck up to them still

    4. Crisi
  8. Hey, log on factions ASAP and msg me please.

    1. LadyRosyG


      I am online atm


    2. yij


      Oh sorry I was busy, I guess I'll just message you on here.

  9. I have 40-100 keys on all servers and I wanna trade for some faction keys. Just reply to this post or msg me in-game on factions and I'll trade anyone.