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    This forum is not the place for opinions!!!!
  2. Revive HalalChicken

    I got banned on discord for showing people how much of a hypocrite silent is
  3. Revive HalalChicken

    Like that'll happen No point anyway, everyone get's banned for some stupid reason lmao
  4. Thought I'd put it here so people can actually respond of they want to You would think if a rule is changed it would be instantly updated in game and on forums so that players know what they can and can't do... But either way, the almighty and all seeing silent and his cronies have banned the player base anyway... Also, where did I not use common sense @Mitchka? Silent has a grudge against me because he was humiliated infront of everyone in the public meeting because he decided to personally attack me and multiple other people in the meeting because we didn't see eye to eye on things. (multiple things that the players would like to see happen and things that would like to be brought back) but because silent is always right and he's got a few other staff members and a couple of people too scared to say anything to hit, there's nothing being done that players ask for... Before anyone asks "why is he being like this?". I started being like this because I was sick to death with the staff members always belittling people and talking to them like they're something they just stood in... You claim to have a family friendly server yet when behind closed doors you slag every player off on the server, every staff member has seen it but only the resigned staff are saying something because they also are fed up with the way things are on here, some may not feel this way but I guarentee that many do, probably 80+%... The players have seen this too and when reported the staff lick eachothers back sides to defend each other... I mean even when people WERE staff they would get slagged off and their positions threatened for saying something back... There's been multiple times where I've reported staff members and players alike and had my staff position threatened when even other staff members agreed I did nothing wrong, all this really was for is to say, you guys have this all backwards and need to change, stary making the server FAIR for EVERYONE, start actually listening to players and for god sake stop slagging the players off...
  5. Rules

    Considering a big part of this "family friendly" server is rules... Why are they forever changing and higher ups never keeping to them... I still have the rules given to me as staff and on there states that alts ARE allowed if no rules are broken on that account... Yet I get banned instantly after joining the server, even when rules were broken... And yes them rules may be wrong, but even so do you not think that the players you're making the server "better" for, should know these rules that never stop changing... This also seems a bit wierd that the one rule that would get me unbanned has been changed to keep me banned, if I am staying banned because of the arrogance of silent and his forever growing knowledge, would this not mean that zvkk, shadow, cleg etc. Should've been banned instantly and not been able to play...
  6. ThisServersAMeme (Liamswin01 Alt

    Before anyone says, this account doesn't have a forums account and no I'm not making one. Ign - ThisServersAMeme Banned By - Console (Assuming it's Silent... Again...) Ban Duration - 30d Ban Date - 08-07-18 Ban Reason - Ban Evading Ban Correct - Nope... Again. Proof - I've never been fairly banned and last time I checked being banned on one account and using an alt is allowed. ( ) I mean, you can't break your own rules now... Screenshots -
  7. Liamswin01 (Toxicity?)

    Ign - Liamswin01 Banned By - Console (Assuming it's @Sil3ntWxlf) Ban Duration - 30d Ban Date - 08-07-18 Ban Reason - Toxicity is no tolerated here Ban - Uhmmmm... No. Proof - in the community meeting we were talking about the server and whether it should go back to 1.8, pretty much everyone in the meeting was sided with bringing it back to 1.8, bringing the start to this poll ( ( ss incase someone takes it down )), Silent then got really salty and started personally attacking me and @JamesySmithy and telling us to go play on different servers if we didn't like what HE wanted to do with the server? (community meeting progress right there LOL), everyone in the meeting will tell you that silent from then on had a grudge against me, beginning the search of ANYTHING that could "do something to me"... Huh more proof? Theeeeeeeeen, he decided to pm me calling me a "toxic child" and asked "if someone hurts you little feelings again, don't come crying back to us", very professional, I know! ( and for the abusing perms? ye and no I banned mitchka and my alt for 1s each time for a joke and because silent was butt hurt, he decides to flip it one me and ban me? again, salty over the meeting, at the end of the day, if someone didn't forget to take my perms away in the first place this wouldn't of happened, maybe I shouldn't of done it, but where's the fun in that? Silent also likes to go on banning sprees, Chopst3r and dattwerk for instance, many on the network agreed that he should be unbanned, even the Temp H-A at the time sharpeyy and other staff members, so when he was unbanned because of the proof shown WAS valid, silent didn't like that he was proved wrong, AGAIN, banned dattwerk again and threatened my staff position... I guess you could take this as a report too, even though I know nothing will happen because silent has everyone wrapped around his little finger, silent in some way shape or form has attack and threatened many people on the server, this may not be racially or derogatory but in a manor that would come across as rude and offensive to some... so after all that, the ban was not worth, just a pathetic attempt for silent to get back at me... Screenshots - @Sil3ntWxlf @Mitchka
  8. My Missing Rank

    @Mitchka @Sil3ntWxlf could one of you take a look at this please if it hasn't already been taken care of.
  9. just a random post

    This would be cool to have but I think people would abuse this perk and it'd be more hassle than it's worth adding, plus it's used by higher ups to change the name of someone in-game so that they can't be inappropriate with there name or be offensive in any way. Just keep in mind that my opinion is not the final say in this, the higher ups could have a different opinion
  10. Koth keys broken.

    Well then.
  11. Koth keys broken.

    This has been reported multiple times by other players too and the higher ups are working very hard to fix this and make it better, @Mitchka @LadyRosyG would you like to add anything?
  12. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    Koth at pvp2 - date, time and chat is all there
  13. Koth Winner Index + Proof

    Date, Time and IGN with me in the screenshot are all there.
  14. I have a question

    Hi @WarriorASJ, I think when factions comes back you will have lost your stuff but that's a THINK, I'm not 100% sure what/will happen to your items.
  15. XxNefariousxX koth win proof

    No where in the picture does it show your character or who even actually capped...