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  1. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    ProSlimer would like to enter
  2. New Hub Game Idea

    We aren't asking for suggestions for game mode (although all reasonable suggestions are appreciated) We are looking for game to do in the hub for prizes.
  3. Creative Closure

    I will post in #creative-memories once in a while when I find screenshots on my computer. I have so many stories I could tell about fun times on creative.
  4. becoming admin?

    You apply for Guide during interviews on TS3 when we are looking for more staff. We have recently brought on quite a few Guides so there will not be interviews for a while. But keep in touch on here, in game, and on Discord Discord:
  5. Skyblock Features

    I can't wait to see what the update has in store for us! (Get it? Lol) Thanks, Phoenix, Mitchka, and everyone else who helped out.
  6. Leaving <3

    I didn't know you at all honestly. But it is always sad to see a staff member leave. I hope you have fun doing whatever you are doing in place of staffing. And don't forget you are always welcome to visit.
  7. I have a question

    Factions was in such a state that it would not be worth it to go through the hassle of trying to recover everyone's data. Factions will be reset, so it doesn't matter that you were in combat, you would have lost everything anyways.
  8. Hello - Mattstar67

    Why did you chose that color text? It was easier to read when I highlighted it.
  9. Hi

    I'll say hi if I see you on SkyBlock
  10. Pvp boosters!

    I know, I was joking around
  11. Pvp boosters!

    I think you mean thread. As a threat may get you banned.
  12. 2017 US Solar Eclipse

    Those pics turned out a lot better than the ones I attempted to take
  13. MrsSaber

    Honestly I agree with everything said in this post, thank you @THEbasMCD
  14. Hey Aliacraft

    Just trying to get players for us? Lol, keep trying
  15. 1,000th Post!!!

    Ban appeals don't count