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  1. You do you get on prison


  2. Hypocritical?

    As much as I understand you don't want inappropriate names on the teamspeak, isn't that what the staff are there to do? If a player cares of a name being offensive, they'll let staff know and they can do something, if not then surely no one really cares? I get this isn't really a big thing but even so, doesn't mean there aren't any bad ways to do it. And I wouldn't exactly call this a personal attack, there isn't any reason the OP and above should be able to and obviously this was taken as hypocritical, hence the title of the post. EDIT: Speaking of badly done updates, wheres the like button gone?
  3. Some help for the server

    Helping the server, much rebel, such toxicity
  4. Some help for the server

    If it does they're completely ignorant
  5. Before I mention anything, don't ignore that I'm doing this to help the network. I was staff on this server for over a year cumulatively, so I'd appreciate if you could take a few minutes to just take some of my thoughts into consideration and not lock this so there is some level of communication about problems for once. You aren't focusing on the right things. This is just one example of many, but whether people use the discord or the teamspeak is their choice. I do understand that it costs money (not a lot) to host a teamspeak server and discord is free, but its clear not everyone likes discord. Rather than mention discord at every opportunity you get, why not focus on that factions reset. If that means getting a factions head admin who actually cares about the server and doesn't abuse, so be it. I'd also just like to point out I was demoted for simply giving my opinion this time last year, yet a head admin who abuses creative mode in combat and doesn't come on for months get "talked to", think of that how you may. The staffing system currently is awful. You have more OP ranks for 8 people than you do for the other 60 staff members who moderate the servers. There are people who are willing to get their friends demoted just for a promotion. Meanwhile, there are people who fully deserve a promotion and are ignored for weeks. It's pathetic. I had a very simple suggestion this time last year, which was ignored, even though I've seen it work elsewhere. Its simple, allow for multiple head admins on 1 server. Allow those head admins to have the same control over their servers as they did back in 2015, where they can get on with their own thing since they know the server best. Its a small change, but it fixes so much. Also for the few people that know, I suggested a staff manager before, I was told it was a bad idea since it hadn't gone well in the past, and that was the single suggestion I had that was actually put in place. Think of that as you may. These are just the two main things I think will really improve the network as a whole. If you can't take my input nicely, even after the hours I've put in to the server over the past few years, you're in denial. Take criticism, and act upon it, rather than running from the truth. Thanks for your time if you bothered reading this.
  6. Resignation?!? :o

    Creative will never be the same again Cya round
  7. Creative Rank Transfers.

  8. Creative is Shutting Down

    I think its fair to say that we'll all miss creative. Having been an Admin for a few months previously I can say that even back in 2015 it was uncertain as to whether creative would be staying much longer, and I'm very thankful it stayed for as long as it did. We can all be grateful for that, and you have yourselves and anyone else who has played creative in the past few years to thank for that. Personally, I have thoroughly enjoyed the many many hours I've spent on this server with my friends, the staff team and the rest of the absolutely fantastic community we've pulled together. So thanks to everyone for that, and I have hope it could come back someday. Until then, stick around, we'll all still be here :^) P.S: You should all totally join that skype chat
  9. Easter Themed Plot Competition

    I think this meme sums up exactly what you just said:
  10. I found Herobrine

    Yes I promise! Please send help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. @Rob XXXXDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  11. Easter Themed Plot Competition

    Plot is at 0;4 if you wanna take a closer look
  12. Me getting bullied (title = joke)

  13. Friendly Staff

    is that a half vote for me?
  14. With these uglies xD

    Can confirm, arcade and Australia do not exist.
  15. Me and Itz_Kaiteee Chillin

    What a majestic creature soaring in the background.