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  1. Rude building

    this is very rude building by Tishy and I hope she doesn't do this ever again!! @Ruuairi @Official_XDav1d -Lux
  2. Spamming / Rude comments!

    Sans_the_Judger has been tpa spamming to me and spamming on chat. There has been so many fights going on about me being 20 years old and why 20 year olds shouldn't be playing Minecraft and I tell them all " age is just a number" I like Aliacraft when everyone is being funny and nice but when there is someone that has to do with being rude and spamming it gets super annoying! I am sorry that I am 20 and i play minecraft... Please let me know what I can do and say to the people on this server next time I do something about it Thanks everyone! @XDav1d @Ruuairi @benjamingeek @aliacraft
  3. mean comments from this username...

    I am posting this because when people talk about my past its not very cool. However when someone is telling you to stop talking that usually means that you should " STOP" talking! I feel like this person had No right to talk about my person life and my past. I have moved on and I love everyone on Aliacraft. In my past I realized that I have been an a hole but thats the past and I am a new person. I don't like to argue but when people go off on something that is in my personal life, It makes me look bad and not only that other people can remember what he said about me.. I told him to " STOP" Talking about my personal life and he kept going on like its nobodies business. This other kid tried to stop Symp. from talking but he went off on this kid that was trying to help but I stopped when @Luksoni10 came in. I was so done at that point. My pictures aren't in order but I am sure that you all can read it clearly! @Ruuairi , @Official_XDav1d , @Luksoni10 Good night guys! - Itsluxurious
  4. Devil Build

    I think you guys all miss understood I am not thinking of going for promotion. LOL I just did it for fun and I wanted some advice for it! But Thanks for your support @Ruuairi @Official_XDav1d @SIF11
  5. @Ruuairi please let me know what is up about the un ban thanks bud


    1. Crisi


      Staff members profile's are not places to ask about unbans.

    2. wildcrazyinsane
  6. how did I spam?

    1. Phoenix_Magik


      You posted 3 forum posts that said the EXACT same thing.