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  1. Map Ideas?

    Yeah being the only one that wants to really do this, truthfully if I had tried to work on factions functionality I'd be rolling on the floor dying, Ultimo is doing this Alone and its really stressful for him, thanks for the idea though, I may consider it! And Jake, yes, I get you. And to be fair, the factions map has needed an update for a while, so its a great time to change the map while we're fixing it, ya see
  2. Map Ideas?

    While we're working on factions functionality I wish to make changes to the spawn and warzone. I've been told that the spawn map is not on the device server yet and so I'd like some player ideas! Ones we currently have are : - floating islands. - a nice jungle area. - a terrain revamp. - staff rooms in the castle for some reason. Your input would be appreciated to make factions 10x better than it is today!
  3. Congratulations!

    Warrior - they messed up. We all do. Ops and Devs are not just robots and they will make mistakes. Nothing is perfect and we're always having to fix something or other.
  4. Creative Closure

    I agree <3
  5. Creative Closure

    my plot right?
  6. Creative Closure

  7. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

  8. Skyblock Features

    we dont transfer server ranks sadly. Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. Skyblock Features

    Cant wait to see mine and H0pes' work on there. Heh @Phoenix_Magik break the wheat again?
  10. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    still a puppy. You're a soft unibrow bro
  11. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    You too ali. Gl
  12. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

    Gl. You get that guide rank quibby
  13. Creative 3.0! What's new?

    Indeed jah, Getting the ranks back will be tough, but fun Lets just hope it doesn't take another month for me to get reviewed, and then they review the wrong plot that would suck.
  14. Factions OG Update

    Rob the warzone has been updated and was being worked on at that time. But oh well
  15. oh god why..

    OH dont show sympathy for me, I'd hate to look like Im attracting attention when Im only trying to make a few friends here and there on the server.