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  1. oh god why..

    OH dont show sympathy for me, I'd hate to look like Im attracting attention when Im only trying to make a few friends here and there on the server.
  2. oh god why..

    Its the moment you have all been waiting for.. ME!!! nah just kiddin, hi some of you will know me. most of you wont, I am Guru a helper on creative. I have no life if you're wondering so Im often always on. Im a relatively ok builder, just come to me if you need anything creative-related. somehow people actually talk to me its surprising because nobody has talked to me before so if you're one of them YAY!! Im a noob at pvp so dont ask me for anything that's to do with pvp, or helping you train at all. And one final thing, I have a very suicidal sister, she's had 8 unsuccessful attempts, and she attempted to kill me too, that was why I was off this week, trauma. If you ever need anything like that, come to me. most of the staff have had experience in this and I know completely that I have, and I do not condone most suicide jokes, Its horrible when Im arround. But yeh thats my introduction. Talk to me sometime on discord!! Im willing to listen
  3. Real Apology

    this is better, but make sure that you make a ban appeal if you wish to become unbanned too.
  4. Master Rank on Creative

    Boy I love it when people want stuff for free from us people and then realise in the future that they should've given up asking for it a while ago. Tbh if I saw someone as a master I wouldn't come on here to complain of it. But to become better than them, if you do this again I'll have no choice but to use my ultimate move ;))
  5. SIF11, i'm rddy to be in build team.

    This is why creative returned.
  6. Holidays plot competition winners!

  7. The Reviewing System.

    How many times are you going to use tho tho, like its so funny tho.
  8. The Reviewing System.

    You have a fair share of counter arguments up your sleeve I can give you that, japh does build in a good way, its not their fault they mark them down for it, its because they're used to marking down for barely any depth, I agree japh should be builder by now, but I cannot review or change that review at all, the system at the moment has its flaws, and the system you've chosen will also have its flaws, its a way of fixing those flaws that made them remove purpose, yet @Ruxiri still uses purpose -.- tagged you to see that ru , its a matter of how they use the system and how they review plots, if someone else had review japhs plot he would have builder, its because Ruben decided to mark down on depth that japh didn't make it, its not personal pref, its because ruben is used to marking that down. I still told japh to add a little depth to be more secure with the build. Well I tought japh what depth was japh does a good style, i've said that many times before, but he's gonna have to do another sometime in his building life on aliacraft, and his depth will still get marked down, his style will evolve and fit the cirteria, and all of them if you make him also fit yours. Your idea is good and so perhaps it will get used in the future, he can train for that and adapt to new ones, Its how building works. Eventually he will have master because of one of these systems. if you say an admin is bad too atleast give some reasons as to why you have that thought, then maybe you could change peoples minds One more thing is that it's stressful on Sif, He has alot of work to do and it leaves him busy, he cant do everything like tell everyone how to do the new system at once, its impossible when he's working on another thing lets leave this up to sif.
  9. The Reviewing System.

    Surely its not the system, and every system is bound to have flaws, but it might be the reviewers personal opinion on the plot, if they mark it on something that is a givun then they're bound to get good marks. Japh builds amazing structures and everything else. but they're undetailed and have barely any depth, thats why they mark it down and remove marks for it, even if it looks good on its own it still needs some level of depth and detail to it to make the plot better..
  10. The Reviewing System.

    I love the idea, works well with the current choice of some peoples styles.. no names given, and it makes the reviewing system a little fairer on those who have a nice build, with not much depth or something , still gives them a chance. They've changed the reviewing system alot lately, and I think some staff are just starting to get used to doing the DAST system but I dont know, maybe they got into it when it started, and perhaps changing it wouldn't be the greatest when its changed alot, lets give it some time before we decide to change it to another mark scheme.
  11. Holiday plot competition!

    Since when were 2017 memes cool? they all died the day they were born. Sorry, they were so bad, they were never born to begin with.
  12. Holiday plot competition!

    Edit your text then it gets less annoying when people get notified of this.
  13. Holiday plot competition!

    Cool I'm in too - TheGameGuru17 Not like Im going to win When i do an IT reference <3
  14. Inapropriate Plot required clearing.

    Wow.. How did you even interview? I need 13 hours sleep minimum.
  15. Inapropriate Plot required clearing.

    Dude.. Its like 4 am when you posted this.. Do you sleep at all?