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  1. Ban appeal

    It's conflicting, it could be Singh's Ping, but I've heard that excuse from people that hack so many times I've come to not believe it, I dont want to believe Singh hacked either, so I'm giving him the chance to appeal, with me actually taking into consideration for once: the ping thing,
  2. It's time..

    You've all been waiting for it. the eventual release of factions. well my friends, the time has come for factions to release. Why has it taken so long?: I had to wait a while for access to be granted to the console, that was annoying, however; it gave me time to make better builds for factions, and work on some other things in life. What should I expect?: Well, my friend, here you go!: A giant spawn, you'll probably get lost so it's best you don't start adventuring alone, you'll like some friends with you if you don't know where you're going, this spawn has an enchantment area, a crates area, shop area right outside the main spawn house, and a wonderful view outside, you'll be missing out if you don't come on and take a peek! A multitude of bosses have been added for your enjoyment, 4 to be exact, but there's one thing that you should note, don't fight any of them alone, you'll most likely die, there's even a specific arena for fighting them in! One thing to note while fighting these bosses is that they will always drop some nice things, and that I have attempted to make them worth the money that you will possibly be paying, or worth the time that you have spent training yourself to win KOTH, good luck adventurer! All of these bosses are unique, and basically impossible to beat alone, bring some friends or factions mates (NOTE WHEN FIGHTING THESE BOSSES THEY WILL ONLY DROP THINGS FOR ONE PERSON, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A FACTION WILLING TO GIVE YOU THE DROPS, OR YOU HAVE SOME HORRIBLE TEAMMATES) A wonderful and easy to use warp GUI, Sif actually forced me to make this so that sucks. A wide range of rewards within crates, spanning from fallen heroes, the version of bosses from the custom enchants plugin, or some simple spawners, to make money. As stated above, Custom enchantments are involved and easy to get! just type /enchanter or use the warp menu and go to the enchant warp! A massive warzone for you to explore and fight in, make sure you do /wild or you'll be travelling for a while looking for somewhere to call home! (NOTE THAT THIS MAY TAKE SOME TIME OR MULTIPLE TRIES IF /WILD DECIDES TO TAKE YOU TO SOMEWHERE ELSE IN THE WARZONE) It's a world full of mystery, and if I told you everything this factions update had you would be here for a while. so sit back, watch your clock reach 5PM on the 27th and Explore the wonderful land of Alia-craft. If I could spare one minute of your time I would like to thank the beta testers that wanted to join in on the fun and give me loads of ideas for what to change and add, this was a fun experience, I wish more people would have tried, but I cant force you all and most of you can't come on anyway. And another point is that there is an F-TOP prize up for grabs, so if you win F-TOP after 10 Weeks, congratulations! You'll know of your prize when you receive it. Thank you all for your time, and as a leaving note, I wish you all have fun on release day! Good luck!
  3. Factions Release

    The time has finally come, Alia-craft factions will finally be released on Saturday 27th October! What to expect? - A cool spawn. (A given) - A large warzone. - The chance to occupy 4 corners. - 10 Weeks long - Ftop prize of Top rank or buycraft voucher of that rank - A purge week every season - Massive /warp pvp - Lots of custom enchants - Fallen heroes - 3 bosses with Unique rewards! If a good enough player-base is around for the first week expect interviews! There will be a trailer released later, for alia-craft, made by yours truly! Happy raiding!

    Very convincing. But imma just. Deny and walk away swiftly.
  5. ☀ Skyblock Summer Building Competition ☀

    Ign: You know me LithGuru Though, I may need a seperate plot of land from my island, because its basically full and I need space to build my stuff.
  6. ☀ Skyblock Summer Building Competition ☀

    Am I banned from entering and or can I have the tag anyway ♥️ aaannnd do I get infinite resources to do it?
  7. ❖ Skyblock Giveaway ❖

    Hey all!! Good luck to those entering and lets see that skylord rank on there! you first gotta compete with me :> Ign: TheGameGuru17
  8. Map Ideas?

    Yeah being the only one that wants to really do this, truthfully if I had tried to work on factions functionality I'd be rolling on the floor dying, Ultimo is doing this Alone and its really stressful for him, thanks for the idea though, I may consider it! And Jake, yes, I get you. And to be fair, the factions map has needed an update for a while, so its a great time to change the map while we're fixing it, ya see
  9. Map Ideas?

    While we're working on factions functionality I wish to make changes to the spawn and warzone. I've been told that the spawn map is not on the device server yet and so I'd like some player ideas! Ones we currently have are : - floating islands. - a nice jungle area. - a terrain revamp. - staff rooms in the castle for some reason. Your input would be appreciated to make factions 10x better than it is today!
  10. Congratulations!

    Warrior - they messed up. We all do. Ops and Devs are not just robots and they will make mistakes. Nothing is perfect and we're always having to fix something or other.
  11. Creative Closure

    I agree <3
  12. Creative Closure

    my plot right?
  13. Creative Closure

  14. Skyblock Interviews (OVER)

  15. Skyblock Features

    we dont transfer server ranks sadly. Sorry for the inconvenience