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  1. i sended you a messege will you please read it and take care of it?


  2. Factions Bug Reports

    As we are coming out with the beta for factions we assume there will be bugs that people will find. Please report ANY bugs you find in this post!
  3. I have a question

    Question answered
  4. Given up hope..

    I've been talking to the OPs about everything. When there is a set date for release that I can share publicly I will annouce it here and on discord. Everything that needed to be said as of now is in the post that was made by Ultimo Saturday night.
  5. Given up hope..

    Tiny little post about this coming in a few mins... Again Warrior, I am very very sorry about everything that is going on. I want it back online as much as everyone else..
  6. Factions Update and Feature Request Log

    Okay... I know everyone wants factions back up and believe me, I do too. I'm currently pushing to get it back online, all I'm doing is waiting for a reply from an OP. You have to understand that there is only so much that I can do and so much that is in my power grasp. As Ultimo said and pretty much all I have left to say is to be patient... I know it's not much and really doesn't do much, but Factions will come back. Again, I'm sorry and the second I get a good date it'll come back online I'll make sure I let everyone know..
  7. Factions Update and Feature Request Log

    A lot of these ideas are being considered or have already been added or plan to be added! Thank you all for the suggestions and keep em coming!
  8. This is getting annoying

    First off, I'm sorry that it's taken so long to get Factions back online and that very little details are being/have been shared about it. It was only started to really be worked on in the last 2 weeks due the fact that there is a lot of fixes and other things going on around the Network. A lot has been done I'm hoping and trying to get it up next weekend depending on how fast we can get the rest the things that need fixed done. I know everyone wants it to be done so they can play, I do too. There was a lot of things that were messed up on Factions and there are still more things that need to be fixed before we can open it back up. GS has work and school and I have school, we can't be online all day doing what needs to be done. Again I'm sorry, but it will be back hopefully in the next week or so.
  9. 11/29/17 Hello all, It's been a while, but Factions is hopefully going to to be back online very soon, it will be coming back up and will be fixed but while its getting worked on we need some suggestions for new game play ideas and features you guys want to see added to Factions for when it comes back online and/or for the future reset. Other than the obvious things that were broken and have been fixed (Obsidian not breaking, sand not falling, TnT not exploding, and redstone not working correctly to name a few major ones), leave some ideas and features you might like to see added to factions, and if you think someone of the previous features should be tweaked or removed. Hopefully you guys are excited to get back into factions, and with maybe with some of the features you guys recommend we can get factions popping again! Leave your ideas below and I'll take a look at them and relay them onto the higher beings to see if we can make them work! I would like your opinions on things like different plugins/features, thoughts on how game play progression, KoTH Loot ideas, ideas for boss battles and other events, custom enchants ideas, opinion on gapple cool down and other things like these. Cheers, Rob

    @JustTropic Ayyyy gg
  11. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Good luck to everyone and remember to be yourself and be honest! If you don't get it this time just keep playing and learning, there will be other opportunities to go for staff!
  12. Hey!

    Congrats on staff man

    Ign: Robeigh Good luck guys
  14. Factions staff ? Applications

    Issues with Factions are known and are currently being worked on. There is a lot of things wrong with it. It will be announced when the server comes back online and when staff interviews will be held. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  15. Faction down

    No, Factions is down because there a major glitch that is trying to be worked through that caused Factions to have to close. Hopefully it should be back up in about 2-3 days. Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.