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  1. Staff appreciation.

    Staffs are amazing
  2. Oh my... I'm so jealous right now. Looks good btw!

    You're not even a kitpvp admin. So no you won't get your admin rank "back" -.- And I doubt that you have admin rank in TeamSpeak.
  4. Hey Aliacraft

    Haha you're right, I tried
  5. Resignation?!? :o

    Man, I'm going to miss you a lot bud. You were a great staff I have ever seen. We had ups and downs but at the end of the day, you're still the greatest SrAdmin I have ever met. AND you were pretty active when creative used to be popular but not any more Good luck with your life and going on!
  6. Creative is Shutting Down

  7. Hey Aliacraft

    Welcome to Aliacraft server! Hope you will enjoy your stay, also if you need help with something. Just ask a staff and they are free to help you! oh btw, you really should try and play skyblock! it's really fun, I promise you.
  8. STAFF

    No, but there might be interviews that you can apply are held on TeamSpeak for open spot staff for helper rank soon. I don't know. But for now, there's none. Thanks!
  9. LOL

    Autoclickers are allowed, just a simple autoclickers. You will still get kicked after 15 minutes AFK. But you are NOT allowed to have some form kind of hacked client that prevents you from getting kicked. And you can't have autoclickers in PvP as well also. That's 30 days of a ban.
  10. V.I.P Rank

    No problem! Glad that I can help!
  11. V.I.P Rank

  12. Creative is Shutting Down

    Noooo!!! I'm going to miss creative! So sad to see that it's getting shut down... I had so many great memories playing on creative with staff and players. Including with @Ruuairi
  13. Ranks Gone?

    @HeyBabe Can you take a look into this, please? Thanks!
  14. ItsCrisiG officially signing off

    Noo Crisi, the whole entire aliacraft will miss you!! D: I can't believe you will be gone... So anyways good luck with your life and hopefully you will come back to aliacraft again!!
  15. Enderking tag not working

    Can @HeyBabe or any higher kitpvp staff take a look into this, please? Thanks!
  16. /f top

    Oh I mean Banks77 my bad
  17. /f top

    Can @ItsNotUltimo or any other factions staff look into this, please? Thanks!
  18. Rude building

    @Ruuairi @SIF11 @Aotea Please take a look into this, thanks!
  19. Death Threat

    Thank you for the report, the player will be dealt with
  20. lost items

    Hello, sorry to hear that you logged out while you were in duel which means you die when you lagged out because of the plugin to prevent you to log out while in combat. So I don't think your items will be replaced but I will let @ItsKenneth to see this. Thanks and have a great day!
  21. Suspicious Activity

    @ItsKenneth or any other kitpvp staff please take a look into this. Thanks!
  22. Unlimited Power!

    A lot of things, first you start with the floating island by /is then you start to expand and make farms (huge farms or automatic) to make a lots of money and you can be rich. You can play skyblock with your friends and it's even more fun when you play skyblock with your friends in the same island working together and talking together in teamspeak. Also you can do challenges /is c and even more! Like a lot of things whatever you want to do at skyblock
  23. Losing Gear by Crash

    @ItsKenneth @Fearless @qeya @AoFSniipers @Punishment_ Please, can any kitpvp staff look into this? Thanks

    @ItsKenneth @Fearless