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  1. Staff appreciation.

    Staffs are amazing
  2. Oh my... I'm so jealous right now. Looks good btw!

    You're not even a kitpvp admin. So no you won't get your admin rank "back" -.- And I doubt that you have admin rank in TeamSpeak.
  4. Hey Aliacraft

    Haha you're right, I tried
  5. kk I am speaking very truthfuly really didn't know u weren't allowed to admit someone I was doing it as a joke I was really sad that I got banned bec I didn't know u weren't allowed to admit another player so I made another account and played tand spend a lot of money o it than I get banned ban evading I really didn't know what that was I am sorry for causing ohfr to ban me so many times I hope I can get unbanned

    1. cantseeme


      this is private msg


    2. JBubba15
    3. cantseeme


      I should right my appeal here

  6. ohhh

     so I should right my appeal here


    1. JBubba15


      Yes, follow what this link tells you how to proper ban appeal



  7. jbubba witch method I'm new to forumn

    1. JBubba15


      Well not method I meant this way



    2. JBubba15


      Read it to know how to proper ban appeal


  8. Resignation?!? :o

    Man, I'm going to miss you a lot bud. You were a great staff I have ever seen. We had ups and downs but at the end of the day, you're still the greatest SrAdmin I have ever met. AND you were pretty active when creative used to be popular but not any more Good luck with your life and going on!
  9. Creative is Shutting Down

  10. Hey Aliacraft

    Welcome to Aliacraft server! Hope you will enjoy your stay, also if you need help with something. Just ask a staff and they are free to help you! oh btw, you really should try and play skyblock! it's really fun, I promise you.
  11. STAFF

    No, but there might be interviews that you can apply are held on TeamSpeak for open spot staff for helper rank soon. I don't know. But for now, there's none. Thanks!
  12. LOL

    Autoclickers are allowed, just a simple autoclickers. You will still get kicked after 15 minutes AFK. But you are NOT allowed to have some form kind of hacked client that prevents you from getting kicked. And you can't have autoclickers in PvP as well also. That's 30 days of a ban.
  13. V.I.P Rank

    No problem! Glad that I can help!
  14. V.I.P Rank