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  1. AliaAdmin I need help

  2. into the void

    your items have been added to your pv one
  3. into the void

    I have put your items in your PV, but I was not able to give you everything because the screenshot does not show the proof of you having sets but your fish and fishing rod has been given back to you. If you have any more evidence that could show me that you have sets, please post it as soon as possible.
  4. KitPvP Tournaments

    Dear E4stwards, sorry for the late response, but we might be able to add a timetable for events
  5. KitPvP Updates/Changes

    Greetings KitPvP Players! The KitPvP staff has been working hard to bring updates and new events to the server. Here is a forum post showing off some of the awesome things added so far! Enjoy Updated the Koth arena in the PvP map Added a /warp vipshop for all donors Added a /warp fishing where you can buy enchants for your fishing rod Added a /warp Staff showing a list of the KitPvP Staff, Operators, SysAdmins, Developers, HeadAdmins, and More!
  6. Christmas kit

    the diamonds in the Christmas kit will be fixed soon, and you will be able to sell them
  7. Tony Stark: If you're nothing with this suit, then you shouldn't have it.

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    2. Dembele


      I agree 110% Gs that touched my heart.

    3. HeyBabe


      xFatalSoul back at it again with dem quotes 

    4. Dooley_labs


      I'll get my suit then.

  8. Idea to improve KitPvP!

    Dear Electriq, The KitPvP Staff have been working hard on a reset that will make KitPVP LIT once again. I will be posting a forum post explaining about the rest in the next few days, thank you for your suggestions.
  9. KitPvP Reset Information

    Greetings KitPvP Players! It's finally here! The KitPvP Reset! So that everyone has the details of the KitPvP Reset I've copied them for you below: Greetings KitPvP Players of AliACraft! The impending update for KitPvP is gearing up for such an amazing adventure so I figured I'd post the details for you guys today! The reset will be this Saturday get excited! What you WILL keep What will be lost What you will KEEP after the reset: Ranks (yes even those won from crates) [Brawler], [Beast], [Guardian], [Knight], [Slayer], [Phantom], [Mercenary], [Hitman], [Warlord], [Champion] Titles [PvPWarrior], [OG], [#DevvoM8], [Gladatior], [AliA Army], [SkullArua], [Hype], [Sniper], [Assassin], [Ninja], [Team AliA], [GangGang], [#KitPvP], [#AliACraft], [Unstoppable], [PvPGod], [1v1Me], [Scrub], [Ali-A], [OneShot], [NoScoped], [Rekt], [AliA2.0], [Healer], [FireArcher], [Halloween], [EnderKing], [Chrsitmas2k16] Gkits: (yes even those won from crates) [Ali-A], [EnderKing], [FireArcher], [Healer], [Halloween], [Chrsitmas] What will be lost with the reset: Cash Balance Your Balance: 0.00 Inventory/Echest/PV Contents *Removed All Inventory, Echest, And Pv Contents From All Players* Gangs Gangs > You Need $5000 To Create A Gang WHO WILL OWN THIS MAP?!?!?!
  10. Miss you bud, might be unbanned soon and you might can introduce me to the new staff.

  11. Bugs?

    Hey noobmaster, only operators are able to check to see what ranks people have won from crates, I will message one of the operators right a way. Sorry for the inconvenience ~ GS
  12. lost items

    Hey, xXB0S5xB0YXx, I'm sorry to inform you, but your items will not be replaced without proof.
  13. I just wanted to post on your profile so hi xD

    1. rhys


      i can not play sky wars how

  14. KitPvP Suggestions

    Hey _Pi_, thanks for bringing this to my attention, the problem has been fixed.