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  1. My KitPvP tribute video hope you enjoy :)


  2. m8 get more active


  3. hi. my name is xGG_ALREADYx and im a great builder i have somany things in mind t make kitpvp better.  and i would to help by bulding it thx.....


  4. Congratulations on Operator! You deserved it. You were one of the most active Head-Admins and did so much for KitPvP.


    - Dual

  5. KitPvP Bug Fixes and Updates!

    The KitPvP staff has been working hard to bring updates, bug fixes, and new events to the server. Here is a forum post showing off some of the awesome things added so far! Enjoy Updated the Koth Arena at /warp Koth Updated the prefix for Champions (Donor10) Updated Players and Donors colors on the Tab Added a new Gkit called Alia Halloween Edition Gkit, you were only able to obtain this Gkit from Drop parties or giveaways on the forums Added /warp Koth and VIP to /warp gui Added a new tag called Spooky Fixed all the gang commands /g top, /g info, /g levelup, g promote, /g desposit, /gc (gangchat), /g levelup, /g demote, /g withdraw, and many more! Changed gang chat colour from dark purple to orange Updated the old Halloween Gkit's tag from [Halloween] to [Halloween2k16] Fixed AliA tag in /tags All Gkits now give 10m speed and 10m strength paper instead of pots Fixed the diamonds in Christmas Gkit Raised the number of players needed to be online for a Koth to start Lowered the amount of players needed to be online for an envoy to start Fixed Koth chest and updated the Koth loot Bosses will spawn around the pvp map depending on the time during the day in Minecraft time; these bosses will drop different types of loot depending on the time of day, so keep an eye out for the bosses in PVP Have you ever wanted just to spend your XP and get s specific enchant? Well, you can now do that at /warp shop, there are currently signs that allow you to do that. For example, you can hold a diamond sword in your hands. Let's say you want sharpness 5 hold the sword and click on the sign, but it will take 50 levels from you, so instead of you paying 500 for sharpness five you can spend your XP There are many more signs then just Sharpness five.
  6. Not fixed yet Kenneth.

    Will be fixed soon has been added to a list of things that need to be fixed for kit
  7. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums!
  8. Sup im dembele

    Hey Dembele, nice post! very informative
  9. Why does this still happen

    Your kill streak has been re added to your account, thanks for posting the proof and sorry for the inconvenience.
  10. Just wondering

    Ben made some changes to the anti-cheat a while back.
  11. KitPvP Staff TeamSpeak Interviews

    Dear KitPvP players, it's finally here, KitPvP interviews! the interviews will be starting at 10 AM EST on December 2nd (If EST Is not your time zone, type your time into a time converter) Good luck to everyone who applies!
  12. New Kitpvp Staff.

    I will speak with mitchka tomorrow about setting something up for getting new Kitpvp staff thanks for your interest. ~GS
  13. Map issue.

    Will be fixed later tonight. Thanks for the report ~GS
  14. AliaAdmin I need help